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Spill Control Kit: What Colour Code Is Used For?

The colour codes used for spill control kits depends on the type of spill. Learn more about the colour codes and how they can help you clean up spills quickly.

A spill kit is a collection of equipment designed to help contain, clean up and dispose of hazardous liquids such as oil, gasoline, chemicals, and other dangerous substances. Spill kits usually contain absorbent materials such as pads, socks, booms, and powder, as well as protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and overalls. They are used in a variety of industries and locations to ensure proper clean-up and disposal of hazardous materials.

Effective use of spill kits can prevent catastrophic outcomes such as environmental damage, harm to personnel and costly fines. When you have spill kits and staff trained on their proper use, you can react quickly and decisively in the event of an incident.

When handling hazardous substances, it is essential to know what type of materials you are dealing with. To make this process easier, there is a universal colour coding system that is used for spill control kits. This ensures speedy action when there’s a spill and less room for a mistake, allowing the users to be quipped properly to handle the spillage. Read on to find more about the colour coding for spill kits and the benefits they provide. 

What Colours are Spill Kit Contents? 

Spill kit colours are used to distinguish the type of spill and its corresponding kit. The colour coding ensures that employees can easily identify the appropriate spill kit when responding to a spill. 

General-purpose Spill Kits Are Colour-Coded Blue

General-purpose spill kits are coloured blue. These kits should be used when dealing with any kind of unknown liquids or hazardous materials. General-purpose kits contain a variety of absorbents that can deal with different types of spills. For example, they usually contain a combination of universal absorbents, oil-only absorbents, and hazardous materials absorbents.

Hydrocarbon Spill Kits Are Colour-Coded Yellow

Hydrocarbon spill kits come in yellow and are intended for oil-based spills. This includes gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricants and other combustible liquids. These types of kits are essential for many industries that work with these types of liquids on a daily basis. 

Chemical Spill Kits Are Colour-Coded Red

Chemical spill kits are red. These kits should only be used when a chemical spill has occurred as they contain unique absorbents that can contain strong acids and bases safely without causing harm to personnel or the environment. Chemical spills must always be treated with caution as some substances can cause serious health problems if not handled correctly. For example, strong acids or bases that come into contact with skin can cause chemical burns.

Benefits Of Spill Kit Colour Coding 

Effective spill control is important for businesses for several reasons such as:

  • Improved Recognition: Colour coding provides an immediate visual recognition of the different elements of a spill kit. This allows employees to quickly identify and select the right materials needed for a particular situation.
  • Enhanced Safety: Colour coding can help employees keep safety top-of-mind by making the contents of the spill kit easier to identify, allowing them to quickly reach for the kit they need. This reduces the potential for mistakes which could lead to additional hazards.
  • Increased Efficiency: Colour coding makes it easier for employees to locate desired items quickly in an emergency situation. This increases the speed of response and helps to reduce the cost and length of cleanup.
  • Streamlined Training: Colour coding helps to streamline training by providing a visual reference for employees to quickly review the items in the spill kit. This reduces the amount of time needed to train new employees and helps to ensure they are familiar with the items they may need in an emergency.

Colour coding also makes it easier to restock supplies after use and keep track of how often each type of kit needs reordering or restocking due to usage frequency. 

Find the Right Spill Control Kits for Your Business

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