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Silt Socks in Soil Erosion Control: Their Significance

Silt socks are a type of sack container filled with sediments and placed along with areas prone to soil erosion. Silt socks are used frequently because of their substantial benefits in minimising erosion control and stabilising banks. They are straightforward to use and cost-effective too.

Ecospill stock a diverse range of durable silt socks for different erosion control needs for long-term landscape management and heavy erosion areas. In this article, we discuss what causes soil erosion and the features that make silt socks an excellent erosion control mechanism.


The primary factor that causes soil erosion is the interaction of water and soil. When water moves with power in, it can impact the land and takes layers of sediments away with it. Over time, water strips large amounts of soil away from its formation. This results in a change in form and a weakening of the land. Ice and air can also cause erosion, but their impacts are much less significant than water.


Filling silt socks with gravel, sand, or other materials provides a robust system that remains in place and controls the erosion of the surface underneath. Below we discuss the main features of silt socks in erosion control:

Stable and effective in minimising erosion

Placing silt socks along a landscape helps maintain the shape and form of the bank because the soil remains in place. The sediments in the sock can absorb the impact of water to reduce the erosion effect on the soil underneath significantly. The sack materials also filter the water to stop it from carrying soil sediments away as it drains from the bank.

Resilient against water

Manufacturers build these erosion control socks to be resilient to water, and they perform better when soaked in water. You should install silt socks along with landscapes where the soil interacts with water to have the optimal effect. When saturated with water, they become stable and positioned securely. Silt socks reduce the speed of the water as it reaches landscapes and directs the water to the appropriate channels to minimise erosion.

Requires minimal maintenance

You can install silt socks filled with gravel at the desired location and leave them to protect your landscape for a long time. Ideally, they could keep working until the materials inside the sacks have worn down, which can take years. You can then refill the socks with more rock materials and continue using silt socks in erosion control.

Environmentally friendly

Silt socks are typically very environmentally friendly when the sock material is biodegradable and eventually stabilises the soil as it decays. Additionally, the materials used inside socks to help with erosion control are natural rocks. This means manufacturers don’t create new products for their production. Silt socks assist environmental management by restricting the damage to landscapes, which can adversely affect the surrounding environment.


Ecospill supplies quality, cost-effective silt socks in a range of sizes to suit the varying needs of our customers. We also have a range of silt bags to provide a thorough barrier for water where erosion is highly dangerous or extensive. The silt socks and bags themselves are inexpensive. Given the minimal maintenance required to sustain their effect, silt socks are highly advantageous for anyone needing landscape protection from erosion. If you would like to learn more about our silt socks, get in touch today to speak with one of our experts.