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Silt Socks and Soil Erosion

Topsoil erosion is an issue we in Australia have faced continuously over the years. Among almost any agrarian society, we rely on rich and viable topsoil to provide a breeding ground for our vital crops, and when it is stripped away, it can leave some serious problems behind.

When soil erosion removes the uppermost layer of topsoil, the layer that we wind up exploiting ends up being less rich or viable than its predecessor. It can be more difficult to till, and can be less suitable overall for planting. And when this soil runs off in to our watersheds, they can create water quality issues – something that many in the Murray-Darling watershed are very familiar with.
This is the reason that silt socks, and other measures, are so important to Australian processes and farming works. It means that they are able to operate landworks and break ground without fear of the next rainfall, and can stop such events from breaking down the soil and polluting our rivers and reservoirs.

Silt socks and coir logs operate to remove the silt from the water before it reaches the river. This is vital, as a heavy silt load can fundamentally alter the form of a watercourse. It discourages weed growth, and tips the balance in favour of species that forage in zero visibility – as is the case with our much-maligned invasive carp species.

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