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Silt Curtains | What They Are and When You Might Need Them

An important part of site work activity is to adhere to environmental compliance. Stormwater management refers to the containment of stormwater. This includes the identification and reduction of contaminants and compliant stormwater discharge.

Ecospill silt curtains are ideal for a range of stormwater management applications.


Silt curtains are deployed in waterways to prevent contamination during construction/site works. They are also referred to as turbidity curtains, floatation curtains or silt screens.

Silt curtains sit suspended in the waterway. Here, they control moving water-borne sediment. They contain disturbed sediment and allow it to settle within the water column. In summary, a silt curtain stops silt and sediment from migrating. And it provides the time needed and the right environment for it to settle to the bottom.

There are a few types of silt curtains available. The most common type is the floating silt curtain.


Silt curtains are versatile with many common applications. They are, often, seen used in construction and dredging. Here are some of the other instances in which you may need a silt curtain:

– Bridge/jetty/rock wall repair or construction

– Civil works in or next to waterways

– Coastal/marine dredging

– Excavation

– Mine tailing dams to reduce suspended solids

– Aquatic plant control

– Toxic algae control


At Ecospill, our tough Geofrabric silt curtains have 100m floats and 2m high skirts. They come ready to deploy, fitted with 8mm ballast chain. Ecospill silt curtains are available in 10m sections and you can join them to create the required dimensions.

Flow rates, water depths and the duration of a project are important things to consider when choosing and installing your silt curtain/s. Silt curtains need correct installation to be effective in containment. We also advise ongoing maintenance to ensure their long-term effectiveness.


Businesses have a responsibility to not cause environmental disruption as a result of their activities. Silt curtains are a great method of containment for silt, sediment or other surface runoff.

Ecospill is a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety products. We are here to help you meet your environmental obligations with ease. Contact us to see how we can help.