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How to Use Spill Kits from Eco Spill

As with nearly any piece of equipment, our spill kits are only as useful as the folks employing them. Done properly, they can ensure that a spill does not go any further than it’s initial drop point. But there are a number of rules to follow to ensure that this is done properly.

How to use spill kits? Read on. Remember, all of our spill kits come complete with detailed instructions within the kit itself.

Get Prepped

In our spill kits, you will gloves. To protect your hands and reduce the accidentally spreading of the spilt material, put these on.

Determine a Perimeter

First, judge the size of the spill. At this stage, ensuring that nothing is leaking in to open drains or being absorbed in to soil or your local water supply is your highest priority. Set out snakes or absorbent pads to block of the flow of any liquid that is escaping.

Place the Absorbent

On the main body of the spill, place the absorbent material. Ensure that the bulk of the liquid is in reach of the absorbent.

Dispose of the Sorbents

Once the liquid spill has been absorbed in to the sorbent, it is vital to dispose of it properly and safely within the bags provided within your spill kit. Once this is done, the sorbents must be disposed of properly, in accordance with state regulations.

Replace your Spill Kit

When it rains, it pours – so if you have just used your spill kit, be sure to waste no time in replacing it!

Retaining familiarity among your employees is the best method of how to use spill kits. Keep everyone well educated on their location and methods of deployment, and you can prevent spills from spreading within your workplace or otherwise causing damage.