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How To Choose Spill Kit Absorbents?

Spill control is an important part of any workplace, and it’s especially crucial in industrial or manufacturing settings. Hazardous chemical spills, for example, need to be cleaned up immediately.

Spill kits are the best way to ensure you have all of the spill cleanup materials on hand in an emergency.

Choosing spill absorbents for your spill kit is important, as different types of spill control material will work better for certain spills than others.

That’s why it’s so important to have the right spill kit on hand, stocked with the proper absorbents for any spill response.

But how do you choose the right absorbents for your spill kit?

There is a huge range of spill absorbent products.

For example, there are absorbent powders, spill absorbents that clean up oil spills, others that are best for aggressive chemicals, and universal absorbents that work for most spill types.

Type of Material

The first thing you need to consider when choosing spill absorbents is what kind of materials you would like to use.

This will depend on the type of spill but also the environmental impact of the material.

Some absorbents are environmentally friendly and will not harm the environment if they come into contact with it.

Others can harm the environment if not disposed of properly.

Be sure to consider the environmental impact of each type of spill control material before making your decision.

Type of Fluid Spilled

There are spill absorbents designed for water, oil, and other types of spillage. You will want to choose spill kit absorbents that are specifically designed for your specific spillage needs so that they can work as effectively as possible.

Some of the materials spill absorbent products can clean up include:

  • Oil and fuel
  • Acids
  • Harsh chemicals

Acid Neutraliser

When it comes to spill control, acids can be some of the most dangerous substances to deal with.

Acid spills can cause serious injuries to both people and property. They can also create a serious fire hazard.

If you are dealing with an acid spill, use an acid neutraliser.

Also, never try to clean up an acid spill yourself if you do not have the proper training and equipment. Leave it to the professionals.

Chemical Absorbent

Chemical spills can also be extremely dangerous.

If you are dealing with a chemical spill, use a chemical absorbent.

These absorbents are specifically designed to soak up chemicals and keep them from spreading.

They can also help neutralise the spill, making it safer to clean up.

Liquid Absorbent

Liquid spill absorbents come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to soak up liquids quickly and efficiently. They can be used to clean up everything from small spills to large ones.

Absorbent for fuel, oil, hydrocarbon, and non-aggressive chemical spills

Looking for an affordable absorbent to clean up fuel, oil, hydrocarbon, and non-aggressive chemical spills? There are mid-priced absorbents that can soak all these liquids up quickly and efficiently.

Ecospill’s range of absorbents has been designed with all your spill control needs in mind.

We offer a wide range of spill absorbents that are perfect for any spill situation, so you can be sure to find the right product for your needs.

Type of Application

When choosing spill kit absorbents, it’s important to consider the type of application you will be using them for.

Different spill absorbents are better suited for certain applications than others.

For example, if you need to clean up a chemical spill, you will want to use a chemical absorbent.

If you are cleaning up an oil spill, you will want to use an oil absorbent.

It is important to choose the right absorbents for the job so that you can clean up the spill as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Absorbent Sock

Another type of absorbent that can be used to clean up spills is absorbent socks.

These socks are made from a specialised material that is designed to quickly and efficiently soak up liquids.

They are perfect for small spills and can be easily disposed of after use.

Pillow Absorbent

Businesses commonly use pillow absorbents to clean up spills.

As the name suggests, these absorbents come in the form of pillows, which makes them easy to store and transport.

Where Do We Use Spill Kits?

Spill kits are used in a wide variety of spill-prone locations, including production areas, warehouses and garages. They can also be useful for cleaning up spillage before it becomes an issue. This helps to prevent unnecessary damage from happening to your property or equipment due to spillage that could have otherwise been avoided.

Spill kits can be used on:

  • Hard surfaces
  • Machinery
  • Any workplace
  • Storage facilities
  • Shop floors


Spills happen, and when they do, you need to be prepared. 

Not only are spills a safety hazard, but they can also be incredibly damaging to the environment.

The truth is, it can be tough trying to stay environmentally responsible when you’re running a business. Between the paper waste, the energy use, and the hazardous materials, it feels like you’re swimming against the tide.

That’s where Ecospill comes in. We offer a wide range of spill kits and environmental safety products that will help you prepare for any spill emergency. From small industrial workshops to the mining and resources sector, we have the perfect solution for you. Plus, our products are proudly Australian-owned.

Our expert team provides advice and quality products that make it easy for businesses to meet their environmental obligations. From spill kits to spill containment systems, we have everything you need to make your business more sustainable.

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