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Fuel Spill Kits: Placement and Deployment

The ubiquitous nature, and consistent use, of a fuelling station is one of the reasons that these areas tend to contribute a high percentage of the total spillage of hydrocarbons in Australia. It only takes a second of carelessness for fuel to spill while filling a petrol, propane, or diesel tank. This makes the placement of your spill kit vital, along with the proper training for users and technicians.

Your fuel spill kit needs to be within arm’s reach, and clearly marked, to be effective. As we have stated, again and again, being able to deploy your spill kit quickly is absolutely vital. Many fuelling stations come with drainage sumps, and allowing for a few moments while you scramble to find it can result in it draining away in to storm drain. The problem must be taken care of quickly.

Your staff must be well-trained in the usage of your spill kit, grasping the logic behind the kit, and the cleanup of the absorbent. It must be done with alacrity, something that can require some training. At Ecospill, we like to stress the importance of prior training and experience – one of the reasons that we offer our vaunted spill kit training courses.

Fuel spill kits can take care of a high percentage of fuels and oils from being released in to our landscape, when used properly, and quickly. They deserve a place near any and all of your pumps. Contact Ecospill today to find out more about our renowned lineup, and help keep your environment safe.