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Flammable Cabinets

Storing Flammable Liquids and Goods Safely – Flammable Cabinets

Flammable and combustible liquids (FCL) constitute the largest group of hazardous chemicals most commonly used in industrial workshops and sites.

The most common flammables in the community are petrol, kerosene and diesel fuel. In the past chemicals were typically classified as either hazardous substances or dangerous goods, or both if the chemicals also had hazardous properties. Under the new Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 (WHS), they are simply classified as hazardous chemicals, and any person conducting a business or undertaking must now comply with specific regulations in relation to the use, storage and safe handling of hazardous chemicals.

What is a Flammable Liquid?
Put simply, a flammable liquid is a liquid having a flash point of not more than 93°C and is classified in one of four categories for this class (according to GHS classification system):

  • Class 1. Flash point <23°C and initial boiling point <35°C.
  • Class 2. Flash point <23°C and initial boiling point >35°C.
  • Class 3. Flash point >23°C and initial boiling point <60°C.
  • Class 4. Flash point >60°C and initial boiling point <93°C.

Storage of Flammable Liquids in Flammable Cabinets
One of the best ways of minimising risk in the workplace is to comply with good industry practice, using Australian Standards as a good guideline.  The Australian Standard 1940, The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids, gives good advice and design guidelines on the safe storage of flammables.   The goal is to minimise the risk of fire, ignition and harm to personal safety.  AS1940 stipulates that safe storage of flammable and combustible liquids should be in a container or Flammable Cabinet that has specialised design features to minimise the risk of ignition, and proper segregation storage.  All Ecospill & DrumSmart Flammable Storage Cabinets are built to exceed these design specifications, which include the following features:

  • Double-walled Steel Construction
  • Spill Compound or Sump
  • Self Closing Sequential Doors
  • Adjustable and Separated Shelf Trays, for properly spaced storage
  • Flash Arrestors
  • Dual Vents for excellent ventilation and vapour control
  • Correct Signage, Showing the Flammables Class the cabinet stores
  • Safety Signage and other signage
  • All Ecospill and DrumSmart Flammable Cabinets are powder coated in safety yellow colour for excellent visibility

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