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Factors to Consider when Buying an Emergency Shower and Eyewash

An emergency shower and eyewash station is an essential part of running a business when there are potentially harmful chemicals in use in the work area.

Every workspace that involves working with potentially dangerous chemicals needs an emergency shower and eyewash setup. While people should wear protective equipment when working with chemicals, this isn’t always foolproof.

Even with all precautions taken, a chemical splash or spill can occur. Hazardous liquids and powders can cause serious damage, so you must rinse them away immediately. An emergency shower and eyewash station can help with this and prevent the delay of treatment. Anyone splashed with a chemical will need to use plenty of water to dilute the chemical and remove it from the skin or eyes. You can flush your eyes while waiting for emergency services. 

Why Are Emergency Showers or Eyewash Stations Important?

If there is a spill, it’s essential to rinse the chemicals away immediately with copious amounts of water. An emergency shower washes away any chemicals on the skin. The eyewash station could save your eyes if something has splashed in your eyesight. 

What to Consider When Buying an Emergency Shower and Eyewash

Buying an emergency shower and eyewash station requires a little research so you know which one you want. There are a few things you’ll need to consider.

Does the Shower Require Manual Activation?

Ideally, the shower can turn on without the use of hands. If the operator has hands covered in a reactive chemical, they’ll need to shower fast. They may not have the opportunity to use their hands. Many emergency showers feature simple methods of doing this.

Look for Dual Eyewashes

If something splashes in your eye, then an eyewash station is necessary. However, sometimes chemicals get in both eyes, and you’ll need to ensure you have a station that can rinse both at the same time. This is very important, as it is the best way to protect contaminated eyes, particularly regarding corrosive chemicals.

Do You Have Plumbing?

If you don’t have a consistent water source, you’ll need a stand-alone station with water in a tank. The water is gravity fed to the shower or eyewash station and can be used anywhere.

How Many Stations Do You Need?

Is your workplace large and has multiple areas where chemicals are stored or used? In this case, you’ll need more than one emergency shower and eyewash station. There should be one within easy reach of any areas where chemicals are present. This allows people to run to them if there’s a spill and start treatment immediately. The first 15 seconds are the most important. Consider where to install to ensure everyone can get treatment within the first few seconds of the spill.

Consider Training Needs

Learning to use something during an emergency is never a good idea. You’ll need to ensure every employee knows where the emergency shower and eyewash are located. Mark the area clearly, but ensure everyone can find it easily. 

You should also train employees to use both the shower and the eyewash. They can practice during the weekly testing, as well. 

Maintaining the Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station

Do you know what type of maintenance the station requires? You should test for functionality weekly. There are also other issues, such as ensuring the water is pure enough to use on a chemical burn. It’s best to discuss what must be done regularly with the company. Some stations may require more or less maintenance than others. The company can advise you on this. At Ecospill, we’re happy to help you determine which station is required for your particular needs.

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Why We Should Be Careful in Handling Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Even relatively mild industrial cleaning chemicals can be harmful. Damage may occur when they come in contact with your eyes or skin. In fact, most cleaners can cause damage to the eyes, so it’s important to flush immediately with an eyewash. 

Your industrial chemicals should come with an info sheet. This specifies how toxic it is and the recommended treatment should anything happen. 

Ready to Protect Your Employees?

While you may need to have an emergency eyewash station and emergency shower in your workplace, that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. There are different types of stations, so go ahead and ask us about your best choice. Are you ready? Contact Ecospill today