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Erosion and the Unique Coir Log

Erosion control is a vital aspect of construction and retension works around Australia. In the absence of a preventative measure, loose and vital topsoil can easily be lost to the erosive power of pounding waves and running water. In the absence of remediation measures, such as silt socks, it can then we washed in to our waterways, sullying water quality and clarity, and potentially netting the careless person responsible a hefty fine.

At Eco Spill, we provide a wide range of products, including silt socks, aimed at the preservation of our natural areas, while encouraging firms to abide by environmental regulations country-wide. One of the best new methods of preventing soil erosion on your worksite is through the use of coir logs. These unique erosion control products can efficiently prevent excessive soil loss, and are easily deployed across a range of landscapes.

Coir logs are constructed of 100% coconut products. Three metres in length, they come in both 200mm and 300mm thicknesses. Their benefits over the typical hay bales are numerous: coconut products won’t break down as quickly, they are more easily managed and deployed, and they don’t host a wide range of weed seeds – so they won’t sully the landscape after breaking down.

They hold their position well, even in areas of high current. But their biggest asset is their ability to use the entirety of the coconut in their construction – no aspect is left unused, making them an eco-friendly method of preserving your topsoil and waterways.

These coir logs operate outdoors, in almost any landscape, and for a huge variety of spaces – roadworks, embankments, in bush regeneration, and for the creation of water channels in agriculture. If you’re in need of an erosion control device, you can do no better.

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