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Ecospill’s celebrated Corrosive Storage Cabinets for your workplace

Corrosive storage cabinets serve to separate your workplace, and your workforce, from your stockpile of corrosive and dangerous chemicals. They keep them secure, away from clumsy hands and potential danger, while ensuring they are not stored at a distance from where they are needed.

Intended purely for indoor use, corrosive storage cabinets from Ecospill are built with workplace function, practicality, and above all, safety at the forefront of their design. The secure latching mechanism keeps the doors shut securely, while the durable electrostatic paint maintains the look of the cabinet, through onslaughts from the chemicals themselves.

Built for indoor use only, Ecospill’s cabinets exceed Australian Standard AS3780-2008. The adjustable heights of their shelves allow you license to store containers of widely varying heights and widths. The vents are equipped with flash arresters, and the entire unit has been fire-tested, to ensure its safety in a blaze.

These durable and attractive storage cabinets have been installed in hundreds of workplaces over the years, and have stood up strong to the test of time in all of them. Their thoughtful construction and design makes them an ideal addition to any workshop in need of a storage solution for corrosive chemicals, anywhere in Australia.

At Ecospill, we set the standard for safe usage of industrial chemicals, and we can do the same for your business. Contact us today to find out more about our range of corrosive storage cabinets.