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Eco Spill and Floor Bunding Advantages

Research and experience has taught us more and more about the dangers of oil and solvent spills. Even in relatively small amounts, these substances can create considerable problems for local flora and fauna, and over a long enough time frame, ourselves as well.

Little wonder, then, that fines for polluters have increased considerably in recent years. Today, spills and polluted land will net you a grievous fine, along with the cost of remediation. It pays, literally, to ensure that you are protecting the land around you. And one of the finest ways to do this is by using floor bunding.

Bunding is simply a permanent fixture that captures and contains spills. It includes floor bunding, for use on busy shop floors, and bunding specifically created for containers such as drums, or intermediate bulk containers. They create a quick and easy job of containing lost liquids, preventing them from escaping in to the environment.

The biggest advantage of these systems is their permanence, and their catch-all placement. A lot of smaller amounts are spilt at the point of pouring, for instance, from the nozzle of a fuel pump, or a small drip lost when accessing hydraulic fluid. Over time, these smaller losses can add up considerably, creating an environmental issue, a workplace hazard, or both. By preventing their escape, we can make a real difference to our ecological footprint.

Bunding is being found more and more workplaces in Australia, and it is making the act of staying clean, and compliant with the law, considerably easier. Contact your experts at Ecospill to learn more, or cruise our wide range of floor bunding options, today.