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Corrosive Storage Cabinets for Work and Home

Much is made about the importance of keeping caustic chemicals out of the wrong hand within the home. Anyone who has hosted young children knows the curiosity of youth, and locking away anything that can be potentially ingested is essentially the First Law of Parenting. But these principles can, and should be, applied in the workplace.

The motivation has changed between the two areas. Generally, those who would access and move dangerous chemicals are doing so out of convenience, not curiosity, but the end result is the same – exposure to elements that should not be used in anything but controlled environments. Erecting a barrier is the best option for ensuring that such proximity does not become a casual aspect of the working environment, where it is far more likely to be accidentally spilt or lost.

A good corrosive storage cabinet does not close off access entirely, although they can be locked. They simply provide a spot that becomes home for such chemicals and liquids. It become far easier to drive home the message that the one spot where these chemicals live, when not in use, is here. They provide refuge, but equally importantly, they encourage good habits.

Ecospill has committed to providing only the very finest corrosive storage cabinets on the market. Built of strong, corrosion-resistant steel, our cabinets feature self-latching doors, encasing your chemicals in a heat-resistant barrier to adverse conditions and prying hands. They provide any workplace with an element of safety, keeping both your investments and your staff safe from accidental spillage, theft, or open flames.

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