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Choosing The Right Industrial Hand Cleaner For Your Team

Hand cleaning has got a lot of press recently due to COVID-19. However, having clean hands is important in every workplace, pandemic or not!

Industrial workers face challenging environments and a lot of daily exposure to dirt and contamination. These types of conditions lead to the need for frequent hand washing.

At Ecospill, are experts when it comes to supplying businesses with the safety equipment and products they need to keep their workers and the environment safe. In this article, we share some information that can come in handy with choosing the right industrial hand cleaner for your team.


There are two main reasons why hand cleaning is important in the industrial environment. They won’t surprise you either. They are health and safety.

Hand hygiene should be a priority. Especially in industrial environments where surfaces, tools and equipment get shared to a large extent. Sufficient hand hygiene is one of the most effective measures for preventing transmission of microorganisms which can cause the spread of infection in our communities.

In industrial environments like mine sites, garages and workshops, grease, oil and other industrial substances can come into contact with workers’ hands often. It’s important that sufficient hand cleaning takes place. This helps avoid harm to workers’ hands, eyes and mouths from harsh chemicals. Having clean and dry hands also promotes the safer operation of tools, machinery and equipment.


Effective industrial hand cleaner is formulated for extra effectiveness on a range of tough, stubborn types of dirt. An industrial hand cleaner will need to tackle greases and oils better than a standard hand cleaning soap. In an industrial environment, hand washing takes place a lot. So, it pays to opt for an industrial hand cleaner that is tough on dirt, but gentle on skin.

When choosing an industrial hand cleaner, there are a few things you need to determine:

  • What kind of tasks will the users be performing?
  • What kind of substances may their hands come into contact with?
  • How busy is the hand-washing station?
  • How much industrial hand cleaner do you go through in a working week?

Popular features for industrial hand cleaner include:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Powerful cleaning agents
  • Free of solvents that cause dry and cracked skin
  • Available in bulk containers

In many workplace environments, it may be beneficial to pair your industrial hand cleaner with hand sanitiser.


Hand sanitiser and industrial hand cleaner do achieve some of the same goals. But, these two products are in distinct categories of their own.

Industrial hand cleaner is designed to work in combination with water to break down dirt, grease and other tough substances. Thus, making it easier to clean off the skin. Hand sanitiser, however, is a water-free hand cleaning product usually in a gel or foam form. Its purpose is to kill germs and bacteria to stop them from spreading.

Hand sanitiser is not a replacement for hand washing. It’s an extra sanitation measure. For this reason, hand sanitiser is an ideal addition to industrial environments in which a high standard of sanitation and cleanliness is vital. For example, the food and beverage and medical industries.


At Ecospill, we stock a wide range of safety products to national industry. Part of our large inventory consists of cleaning products. These include hand sanitisers and industrial hand cleaners.


It’s always been important to keep hands germ free in the workplace. But in COVID-19 times, it’s critical for extra peace of mine. Our hand sanitiser gel is sold in cartons of 24 x 500ml bottles. They provide fast, on the go protection from germs and bacteria. Our formula contains 75% ethanol alcohol v/v and kills 99% common bacteria and germs. 

There’s no need for soap or water. Simply apply a small amount and rub hands together. It’s fast-drying, leaves hands feeling moisturised and soft, and doesn’t smell like a brewery!


Our heavy-duty hand cleaner is perfect for hard-working hands! What’s more, our industrial hand cleaner is environmentally friendly! Unlike other powerful hand cleaners for cutting grease and grime, Ecospill’s range is free of solvents that dry out or crack skin. They are also free of D’Limonene. Instead, ours contains all-natural eucalyptus oil for powerful, but gentle cleaning.

This product is available in 5L, 20L and 200L containers with huge opportunity for savings on bulk orders.


At Ecospill, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. From small industrial workshops to the mining and resources sector, we deliver advice, training and quality products to help businesses meet their health, safety and environmental obligations.

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