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What To Look For When Choosing a Spill Kit Supplier

Choosing the right spill kit for your business is important. But choosing the right spill kit supplier is too. Not all suppliers are the same.

When you’re dealing with spill kits, you’re dealing with compliance. So, like you research the best equipment, you need to research the best supplier. 


Getting the help of an expert spill kit supplier takes a lot of stress out of the process of purchasing a spill kit. It also ensures that you equip your business well. There are a few things to consider when finding the right company to supply your business.


Your business has a legal duty to protect the environment in case of a spill in the workplace. There are several environmental obligations to be aware of. Failure to comply may result in severe penalties. 

When choosing a spill kit supplier, consider their knowledge of environmental responsibilities. A good supplier will be able to guide you through the regulations when buying your kits. 

Having the incorrect spill response equipment is the first step to non-compliance. Ecospill can help you meet compliance with ease.


Having all the right kit is no use without appropriate staff training on the use of the kit. Regulatory demands have increased a lot in recent times. And companies are now facing significant fines. When choosing a spill kit supplier, assess their availability of training.

An expert spill kit supplier will offer industrial spill kit training. At Ecospill, we lead the way in industrial spill kit training courses. The trainers at Ecospill have more than 10 years of industry experience. We deliver both introductory level courses to advanced level courses. 

Opting for a supplier who offers training helps you provide your staff with the right skills. This ensures you are in line with your business’s commercial and environmental demands.


No two businesses are the same. So, finding a spill kit supplier that caters to individual needs is beneficial. The process of choosing the right kit for your business is daunting enough as it is. Engaging expert help can simplify the process and ensure its effectiveness. 

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to spill kits. The type of spill kits your business needs depend on the liquids it deals with. There are various things to consider when deciding on a spill kit. The right supplier will be able to go through these things with you. 

At Ecospill, we tailor solutions to your unique business needs. We do this by identifying the following, with you: 

– The type of liquids you may need to absorb

– The largest capacity you may need to absorb

– Spill prone areas, proximity and portability 


If there is the handling of dangerous liquids at your workplace, safety measures need to be in place. Navigating the regulations from state to state though is complex. It can cost your business time and money. 

At Ecospill, we reduce the stress of buying the correct spill response equipment. As your spill kit supplier, we can provide the expert advice you need. 

We offer onsite visits to get to know your business. And provide, tailored, effective, compliant and cost-effective solutions. Are you looking for an expert spill kit supplier? Contact us today!