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Choosing a Spill Kit & How to Maintain It

A lot more goes into purchasing spill kits than the transaction itself. Choosing a spill kit that is right for your business is key to running a safe workplace.

In this article, we help you work out your business’s specific spill kit needs. Additionally, you’ll find information on maintaining a spill kit. Keeping up with the maintenance of your spill kits will save you time and money in the long run!


Cleaning up spills is difficult and time-consuming if you don’t have the correct spill kit on hand. Simple inefficiencies with your spill kit can result in increased workplace risks. It can even put you on the wrong side of the law. So, choosing a spill kit that is right for you is so important.

Each workplace presents a range of different factors. They will help a business determine its spill kit requirements.

Below you will find some of these factors you need to consider before stocking up on spill kit supplies.


To access your need for a spill kit, you need to access the biggest risks in your workplace. You need to think about the traffic rate of your space. Is it a high traffic area that results in many spills?

Your business has environmental obligations surrounding the hazardous materials you have on-site. It’s important to have a firm understanding of what your obligations are. This will also assist you in choosing the correct spill kit.


When choosing a spill kit, you need to consider where you will use it. A traditional spill kit will not fit in all spaces. There is a wide range of spill kits available to suit different environments and spaces.

If you need the kit for use in a factory or warehouse, manoeuvrability is important. Wheelie bin spill kits are ideal for this. You can wheel them around the workspace without difficulty.

For mobile technicians and confined spaces, a handy carry bag option is most suitable. There are waterproof versions of these types of spill kits too.


Spill kits consist of absorbents specific to a type of liquid. So, an understanding of the fluids used in your workplace is essential. There is little good in stocking up with oil pads if you experience chemical-based spills.

Generally, you will find spill kits specific to 3 categories of fluids. These are hydrocarbons, non-aggressive chemicals, and aggressive chemicals.

The size of the spill kit you choose needs to be in line with the largest likely spill possible at your workplace. You can work this out by the size of your largest drum or holding tank.

You can find more in-depth information about this on our website.


If frequent spills take place in your workplace, only having one small spill kit will not be suitable. And if spills seldom occur, it’s a waste of money to be overstocking on kits that will remain unused.

Choosing a spill kit and the volume and regularity of your order isn’t a guessing game. You need to consider the frequency or potential frequency of your workplace spills.


A great thing about spill kits is that they don’t need complete replacement after use. The bits of equipment and product that get used, you can restock individually. But maintaining spill kits gets tricky to manage, especially if you have many on-site.

There are two ways to keep your spill kits maintained. You can choose to have your supplier come out and restock your kit/s as needed. Or you can manage their maintenance inhouse.

If managing restocking and maintenance on-site, it’s important to have a process in place. An effective process starts with having chosen the right spill kits in the first place. Having back up stock on site is always a good idea. And if you have many kits on-site, assign one person to the responsibility of the maintenance of each kit.


We know that the process of choosing, buying and maintaining a spill kit seems daunting. But the advantages of having one compensate for the effort required. By getting it right from the get-go, you’re well-equipped for any spill. Reducing risk and being able to execute efficient spill clean-ups is favourable. It will save your business money and time.

Once you have completed your initial spill kit set up, you’ve done the hardest part. And other than the minor ongoing maintenance, you won’t need to do it again. Unless, of course, your workplace experiences major changes.

The process of choosing a spill kit equips you with essential knowledge. It also builds confidence among your employees. It’s good to know that you work for a proactive business who takes safety seriously.

At Ecospill, we have a range of spill kit supplies available. Would you like to receive expert advice on your business’s spill kit needs? We make choosing a spill kit easy! Please get in touch with our office today to organise an obligation free chat!