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Best Practice for Corrosive Storage to Keep Your Workplace Safe

Many workplaces need to store corrosive substances on site. This is particularly common in the mining, industrial cleaning and refrigeration industries. Corrosive substances can cause serious harm to people and the environment if they are not stored correctly. 

Our team of environment safety equipment experts provide reliable solutions to national industry. Below, we discuss ways you can keep your workplace safe by following corrosive storage best practice.


You must know your chemicals groups before any chemicals are onsite. Class 8 corrosive substances have specific storage requirements. For example, they have the potential to react dangerously to some other substances and need to be stored separately. 

Failure to follow storage regulations can result in extensive damage and hefty fines.


Any hazardous substances, including corrosive substances, have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). It is internationally recognised, outlining the health and safety information about the chemical. This includes storage instructions. Consulting the MSDS of a chemical means you can quickly identify any acute hazards.


It’s a requirement for hazardous chemicals in the workplace to be labelled correctly. A label for a corrosive substance should be firmly in place and include, for example:

  • Its identifier
  • The contact details of the manufacturer
  • A list of ingredients (identity and quantity)
  • Chemical classification pictogram 
  • Chemical classification hazard statement 
  • First aid and emergency response
  • Expiry date 


Providing safe storage for corrosive substances at your worksite should be a priority. Using a safety cabinet that meets state and national regulatory practices is key. It will help keep your staff, workplace and the environment safe. 


At Ecospill, we provide safe and practical solutions for storing hazardous materials. We stock a wide range of quality safety cabinets for corrosive storage. They allow you to store all Class 8 corrosive substances safely. All Ecospill safety cabinets are fire tested, meeting and exceeding Australian Standards AS3780-2008. 

We stock corrosive storage cabinets to suit a variety of workplace needs and budgets. Our range of corrosive storage cabinets include the following, with different sizing available: 

They offer a simple storage solution by keeping dangerous goods where you need them, but never at the risk of safety. 

Secure and compliant on-site corrosive storage doesn’t have to be complicated. Having a well-managed storage plan in place can help reduce your risk of a workplace incident. 

Ecospill is a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety products. We have built a reputation as experts in our field. We’re here to help businesses like yours meet their environmental obligations with ease. 

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