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An Introduction to Spill Containment Systems

Effective spill containment makes for an easy clean-up process with minimal damage. Spill containment kits are essential for protecting the environment and your employees.
At Ecospill, we specialise in equipping businesses for effective, compliant spill response. In this blog, we explain the types of spill containment systems and why they’re important. 


We supply businesses with a range of spill containment systems. These include everything from containment pallets to caddies to mats and bund systems. We know it can be tricky understanding exactly what your workplace needs. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! 
Stocking the right spill containment systems for your business is imperative. Businesses need to meet OH&S regulations and adhere to their environmental obligations. Failure to do so can result in hefty penalties.
Where there is a risk of hazardous spills, containment systems and response plans need to be in place. Below you will find a brief introduction to the different types of systems. 

Drum Systems 

Ecospill stocks a wide range of spill containment systems for drums. This includes accessories like drum ramps, funnels and covers.

Drum Caddies

If you’re looking for a way to transport, tilt and dispense drums safely, drum caddies are the way to go. Suitable for up to 205L drums, they are designed with ergonomics in mind.
Even if a drum splits in half, the large sump on the caddie contains the hazardous liquid contents. 

Drum Clamps

Spills often take place during the transportation of drums. Using drum clamps to minimise the risk of spillages is cost-effective and easy. Drum clamps have a hook attachment that is suitable for any forklift. This makes lifting, manoeuvring and positioning drums safe and simple. 

Drum Containment Pallets

At Ecospill, our drum containment pallets are 100% polyethylene. They are impervious to most substances and are effective at containing spills. They do this by trapping harmful liquids within the pallet. 
We stock EPA compliant drum containment pallets to suit different workplace needs. For example, 2 drum pallets, 4 drum pallets, and galvanized pallets. Drum pallets have two draining plugs on diagonal corners for the easy recovery of liquid. 

Drum Management Systems

These systems are the perfect combination of storage, spill management and safe dispensing. Available as a complete set or in parts, the design can accommodate 60L or 205L drums. 
Our drum management systems provide the greatest chemical resistance and compatibility. This assures lifelong service. They interlock to hold drums in place and are easily transportable with a forklift. 

IBC Containment Pallets

IBC pallets take the worry out of containing and recovering spills. Our IBC containment pallets follow EPA requirements. They come in both tough Polymer and galvanised steel are built to last. They come with tough, close-spaced support bars and have a drain plug for liquid recovery. 
We also stock several accessories for their customisation and protection from the elements. 

Low Profile Spill Decks

Spill decks are a customisable option. They allow you to create your own system. Spill decks are available as units that stand alone. But you can also add spill decks to one another as you need more capacity. 
Their sumps remain separate, even after combining the spill decks. This helps keep spilt liquids separate. Each deck has diagonal drain plugs and comes at a standard height. 

Portable Bund Systems 

These bund systems are hassle-free to move around. And they make for the ideal temporary storage solution for any hazardous liquids. Our portable bund systems are available in different stock sizes. They can also be custom-made to suit your specific needs. 
These versatile units come in PVC or XR5 evaloy hydrocarbon secondary containment material. Our customers find these ideal for pallet storage, drums, leaky vehicles and trucks. 

Roll-Out & Portable Mats 

There is a range of jobs during which spills are inevitable. Whilst the spills may seem small and insignificant, they can accumulate over time. Making use of a spill mat is a lot more effective than attempting to clean spills off the ground. 
Ecospill stocks both roll out and portable spill mats to suit different scenarios. 
Our portable spill mats come in UV stable PVC hydrocarbon secondary containment material. They are simple to use, versatile and easily compacted for storage in limited space. 
Our roll-out mats come in heavy-duty stable PVC. They provide the efficiency of absorbent mats with the convenience of reusability. As well as the replaceable absorbent layers, they have an impervious base. This prevents spillages from leaking onto or staining the underneath surface. 


From chemical spills to hazardous leaks, accidents in the workplace can happen. To protect the environment, your business and its employees, being well-equipped is essential. We supply a wide range of quality spill containment systems to national industry. 
Understanding your environmental obligations from state to state is complex. At Ecospill, we understand that you need specialist advice. We’re here to save you both time and money and keep you compliant. 
Contact us about your spill containment needs. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.