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5 Tips for Choosing Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

What happens when you use the wrong industrial chemical cleaning solutions to clean your industrial premises, whether it is the factory floor, commercial kitchen, waste storage facility, or lush carpet in the boardroom?

For a start, it may not be as clean as you would like it to be. But that is probably the least of your problems.

The wrong chemical solution can do more harm than good. It could pose a safety hazard to people and the surrounding environment as well as potentially damaging equipment and others it was applied on.

Now, in addition to the above, you risk a hefty fine if chemicals discharged following the cleaning harm the environment. It’s not too difficult for the relevant authorities to investigate the source of the pollutant. Given the close attention paid to environmental issues at present, do not expect to be let off easily.

Your choice of industrial chemical cleaning products must be carefully thought through. Unlike domestic cleaning products, it’s about much more than price, availability, and advertising. Like most business procurement activities, there is a checklist to be adhered to.

In this article, we highlight 5 major considerations. Use them as a guide to help you decide on the most appropriate chemical solution. When in doubt, seek the advice of professionals.  

Types of Cleaners

There are 4 basic types of industrial chemical cleaners you should know. They are:

1. Acid-base

At the top end of the list is acid-based cleaning chemicals. From unblocking pipes and drains to heavy-duty cleaning work on hard surfaces, acid-based chemicals are the most powerful. However, they pose one of the greatest safety hazards at the same time.

2. Metal cleaners

These are not as harmful as acid-based, although they contain abrasives. They are commonly used in commercial kitchen cleaning to clear grease as well as stubborn stains caused by heavy cooking.

3. Degreaser

They are commonly found in a commercial kitchen for obvious reasons. Think of them as the light version of metal cleaners. As they possess less invasive properties, they can be safely used more often.

4. Detergents

For everyday cleaning, detergents work best. Detergents can be found in everyday domestic cleaning products like dishwashing liquid and laundry powder or liquid. 

Check Online Reviews

It is important to avoid hype when choosing products for your business. Unlike fashion or furnishing, trends matter little in industrial products, especially for something like chemicals. 

Having said that, it is worthwhile to note the experience other similar users have had with your shortlist of industrial chemical cleaning solutions. Not everything is listed on the product manual or information fact sheet. 

In turning to the experience of others, you are probably looking at the situations or circumstances surrounding their use of the chemicals you are evaluating. It is helpful to learn from others that have had similar experiences. 

Thanks to the internet, you can refer to Google reviews. It is a good repository of the experiences of others. 

Check the Chemical Concentration of the Cleaner

Industrial chemical cleaning solutions tend to be more concentrated than domestic variants. Read the instructions carefully when preparing them. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a higher quantity will always work better. It can do more harm than good. 

Adhering to the recommended volume works best. Rest assured the recommendations have been carefully tested and validated across different usage situations. It’s best not to tamper with it. 

If in doubt, as suggested above, it’s always best to check with professional industrial experts. They possess the knowledge and experience to guide you. 

See Whether the Cleaner You Choose Is Ideal for the Task

Knowing the cleaning task at hand will help you choose the appropriate chemical solution. It has to be the right fit. Over or underestimating the strength of the chemical needed can be costly and potentially cause long-term damage. 

Sound knowledge of the appropriate cleaning chemical solution for the task at hand is important. If a degreaser is sufficient, there is no benefit in using metal cleaners.

On the other hand, if an acid-based cleaning chemical solution is needed, it will probably work better than a super strength detergent.    

With experience, you will make the right choices. Until then, seek the help of professionals.  

Quality of Services

Industrial cleaning chemicals are bulk-purchase items. You can’t run to the nearest supermarket when you have run out of them. Keeping a certain volume in-store is a prudent practice. 

From time to time, you may experience challenging circumstances. For example, the volume you need for a specific clean up is larger than usual. You may have an insufficient amount in stock. During times like these, suppliers offering after-sales service support is your lifeline. 

Like most business-related purchase supplies, you will need to ensure the after-sales service support given meets your needs as a client. With this box ticked, you will have the peace of mind to get on with the business regardless of the circumstances unless they are completely out of the ordinary. 


Like any business decision, the effectiveness of the solutions being considered in getting the job done is paramount. Ideally, it should not trigger other problems in its application. On the contrary, it should be a value add. 

Remember, industrial cleaning is not just about getting things cleaned. These chemicals must not cause damage or harm to anyone or anything that they come into contact with. Imagine what can happen if it does. To learn more, connect with a team member today.