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5 Reasons It’s Time to Change Your Storm Drain Filter

When it rains, the rainwater washes down chemicals, trash, and sediments into your water system. If this contaminated water mixes with lake water, it may affect the environment and other aquatic animals.

If you live in a region that experiences rain frequently, you need to invest in good stormwater drain filters to prevent these pollutants from reaching your water system. Nevertheless, this device cannot serve you a lifetime. At some point, it may develop issues, and you may need to replace it.

Read on to understand how to know when you need to replace your storm drain filter.

Standing Water

After a heavy downpour, your storm drain should absorb the rainwater within 24 hours. If you notice a pool of water around your filter after this time, this device might be having a problem.

Leaving stagnant water on your lawn may destroy your grass, making your compound look unattractive. Additionally, stagnant water can attract destructive insects into your home or affect the structural integrity of your house. For this reason, you need to get a new storm drain filter.

Hazardous Material Discharge

Stormwater drain filters absorb harmful substances from rainwater before releasing it into the water system. However, you may occasionally notice toxic substances such as petroleum products floating on your water’s surface.

If you see hazardous substances floating on your water’s surface, your storm drain filter could be having issues, and you should change it right away.

Visible Scum

Sometimes you may notice a layer of scum around your storm drain filter. A visible line of scum around your drain filter usually indicates standing water issues that occur regularly.

Standing water usually occurs due to clogs resulting from mineral buildup in your stormwater drain filter. This water can lead to odour, making your home inhabitable. To avoid this issue, replace your storm drain filter.

Debris Around the Storm Drain

Accumulation of debris around the walls of a storm filter drain is a common sign that it needs replacement.

When this issue occurs, some people prefer cleaning the filter to restore its functionality. However, cleaning this equipment is only a short-term solution. Furthermore, regularly cleaning this equipment is time-consuming. For better filtration, replace the filter completely.

Sediment Buildup

One of the major functions of stormwater drain filters is to separate silt from running water. However, these sediments may accumulate on your filter and clog this equipment. When a lot of silt accumulates on your filter, it renders this equipment ineffective.

Once you notice a lot of silt around your stormwater drain filter, you need to replace this equipment immediately.

Benefits of Replacing Your Stormwater Filter

According to research, stormwater drain filters are only effective during the first three years. After that, they stop being effective as they were before. Therefore, you need to replace this equipment regularly. Below are some of the advantages of replacing your stormwater drain filter.

Protect your plants: Defective water filters allow water to stagnate on your property. When rainwater stagnates on your property, it may destroy your grass and plants. If you replace your filter, water will pass through freely.

Efficient treatment: Stormwater filters offer effective rainwater treatment by removing impurities that affect your water quality. As a result, only clean water will return to the underdrains and nearby water bodies after passing through the drain. Therefore, you need to replace your filter if you want it to filter your water effectively.

Design upgrade: As technology advances, people produce new stormwater drain filters with new features and functionality. If your current filter doesn’t serve you properly, you need to replace it. If you are not sure of a filter that will fit your specific needs, contact a stormwater management company.

Reduces the risk of spreading contaminants: If you ignore stagnant stormwater, you’re increasing the likelihood of diseases and contaminants spreading. If you replace your filter system, it will prevent water from accumulating and reduce the spread of diseases caused by toxins found in rainwater.

Minimize infrastructural damage: When rainwater stagnates in your compound, it may destroy your infrastructure, including highways, underground cables, and walkways. With an efficient stormwater drain filter, you will not experience this issue.

Reduce icy patches: When water pools in your compound, it may freeze, leading to icy patches. However, water will not stagnate in your compound if you have an effective filter.

Reduce flooding: An ineffective drain filter prevents rainwater from passing freely, especially during heavy rainfall. If this water doesn’t find anywhere to go, it may enter your home, leading to water damage.


An efficient stormwater drain filer is essential in every home. These filters protect your home or construction site from flooding. This equipment also helps to protect your environment from harmful substances.

If you experience the signs discussed above, you need to replace your filter. Moreover, if your stormwater drain filter has served you for more than three years, you need to replace this equipment. Do you want to learn more about signs to replace your stormwater drain filter? Contact EcoSpill for storm drain expert solutions.