Re-stock Pack – 40L Chemical Spill Kit

Re-stock Pack – 40L Chemical Spill Kit

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The easiest way to keep your Spill Kit up to date and re-stocked to its full spill response capacity. A must for EPA compliance. Full Re-Stock Pack for 40L Hazchem Chemical Spill Kit.

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Detailed Description

EPA Compliance regulates that Spill Kits must be restocked regularly to their maximum intended spill response capacity.    So this Ecospill Re-stock Pack 40L Chemical Spill Kit is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure your chemical spill kits are ready for a spill incident.  It contains all materials required to absorb chemical spills, including a boom for perimeter containment, hazchem absorbent mats, and Chemsorb particulate.  Including personal protective equipment,each Ecospill Kit is clearly labeled, and contains spill clean up instructions.  Re-stock pack only, no carry bag included.

The main absorbent powder is ChemSorb (TM). ChemSorb particulate is a lightweight, fast acting absorbent particulate, offering excellent absorption per density mass. It is non-toxic, inert and safe to use.

The fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to re-fill your spill kit is to buy a re-stock pack. You can have confidence in knowing your spill kit is re-filled and ready to go, all with the click of a button. Fast shipping.