Re-stock Pack – 120L Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

Re-stock Pack – 120L Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

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The easiest way to keep your Spill Kit up to date and re-stocked to its full spill response capacity. A must for EPA compliance. Full Re-Stock Pack for 120L Hydrocarbon Spill Kit.

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Detailed Description

Re-stock Pack – 120L Hydrocarbon Spill Kit

This is a full re-stock pack for Ecospill 120L Fuel & Oil Spill Kits.  Rather than having to individually count each item in your kit following a spill, you can simply order one of our re-stock packs.  These will ensure your spill kits are fully stocked at the maximum response capacity, so you’ll be ready and prepared next time you have a spill.

What’s inside the 120L Re-stock Pack?

Everything that you’d have in a 120L Fuel & Oil Spill kit, except for the wheelie bin. Contents include:

  • EcoSweep BioActive Absorbent Powder
  • Land Socks 3m
  • Land Socks 1.5m
  • Fuel & Oil Absorbent Pads / Mats
  • Anti-Static Waste Disposal Bags with Ties
  • Elbow Length Gloves

And it all comes in a convenient pack, ready to re-fill your spill kit.