120L Automotive Spill Kits

120L Automotive Spill Kits

Spill Kits

$393.62 inc. GST

Suitable for fuel, oil, petroleum, coolants and non-aggressive liquid spills. This Automotive Spill Kit is specific to the automotive and mechanical workshop, using absorption products suitable for both hydrocarbon and general purpose (non-aggressive chemical) spills. A must for all mechanical workshops.

Detailed Description

120L Automotive Spill Kits
Ecospill’s 120L Automotive Spill Kits are designed with mechanical workshops, and automotive industry workplaces in mind. Suitable for cleaning up fuels, oils and non-aggressive chemicals such as coolant etc, these are perfect for industries where ‘anything automotive’ is the go!

What’s Inside the 120L Automotive Spill Kit?
The best of both worlds for hydrocarbon and chemical spills… Our Automotive Spill Kits contain:

  • EcoSweep BioActive Absorbent for Oil and Fuel Spills
  • ChemSorb Chemical Absorbent Powder for Chemical Spills
  • General Purpose Absorbent Mats / Pads for Oil, Fuel and Non-aggressive chemical spills
  • 3m General Purpose Booms / Land Socks for perimeter containment
  • 1.5m General Purpose Booms / Land Socks for perimeter containment
  • Acid Resistant Elbow Length Protective Gloves
  • Anti-Static Waste Disposal Bags with Ties
  • Full Spill Response Clean Up Step-by-step Instructions

How to clean up a fuel, oil or non-aggressive chemical spill?
These are the SEVEN steps to follow to effectively clean up a spill incident:

  1. PPE. Personal safety is paramount – so identify the liquid spilled and put on the PPE required.
  2. ASSESS. Quickly assess the extent of the spill and decide whether you can handle it yourself or if you need assistance.
  3. CONTAIN. Your goal is to contain the perimeter of the spill as quickly as possible using the Land Socks/Booms. Stop the source of the spill if possible. Once the spill is contained you have time to clean it up unpressured.
  4. ABSORB. The goal is to turn the spilled liquid into an absorbed solid. Use the Absorbent Mats/Pads or Absorbent Powder to absorb the liquid spilled. Use EcoSweep on oils, fuels and hydrocarbon-based liquids; and ChemSorb on chemical liquids.
  5. DISPOSE. Shovel or place the absorbed materials into the Anti-static Waste Disposal Bags and secure with the Ties. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.
  6. REPORT. Report the spill incident onto your company’s incident report form, and hand to your supervisor.
  7. RE-STOCK. Inspect and re-stock the Spill Kit as soon as possible to allow maximum spill response capacity for next time.

Spill Kit Servicing
Ecospill offers a comprehensive Spill Kit Maintenance Program to check, inspect and re-stock your Automotive Spill Kits or any other existing spill kits for that matter. If you’d like to be included in this program, please call 1300 736 116 to take the hassle out of your duty of care. It provides peace of mind knowing your spill kits will always be re-stocked to their full response capacity when the unexpected happens.

Of course, you can call Ecospill on 1300 736 116 at any time to have a Kit serviced, following an incident. You can also order re-stocking items and accessories online at www.ecospill.com.au.