50L Chemical Spill Kits

50L Chemical Spill Kits

Spill Kits

$220.37 inc. GST

– 50L value
– For Aggressive & Non-aggressive chemical spills
– Portable, convenient spill control

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Detailed Description

Our 50L Chemical Spill Kits contain all you need to safely and quickly clean up hazardous chemical spills.  New 50L size!  This 50L Chemical Spill Kit comes in a slim-line portable carry bag, which is ideal to fit in confined spaces.  The bag fits easily behind the driver’s seat in the machinery or truck cabin.   The large 50L size offers outstanding value for money!  In each spill kit, you’ll find the essential elements for containment, clean up and personal protection, as well as full instructions.  Personal Protection is paramount so in this 50L Chemical Spill Kit we feature elbow-length PVC Gloves, Safety Glasses and Disposal Overalls for full-body protection.  Next, for spill containment, there is the Land sock, which is to be placed around the perimeter of the spill to stop it spreading.  Once the spill is contained properly, you can attend to the cleanup.  For superior, fast absorption our 50L Chemical Spill Kits feature Chemsorb Hazchem Absorbent Powder as well as Absorbent Mats (sometimes called Pads) .  On top of that you also have Antistatic Waste Disposal Bags with ties for convenient disposal, and of course, full step by step instructions on how to clean up the spill.  At Ecospill we guarantee the quality and value of our products, so take a look at our detailed inventory below to see the value for money that you’re getting.

What’s in our 50L Chemical Spill Kits?

Each 50L Chemical Spill Kit contains:

  • Weatherproof Vinyl Slimline Carry Bag, colour coded to Ausspill Colours
  • 1 x 1.5m Hazchem Land Sock for perimeter containment
  • 3 x 4L Chemsorb Hazchem Absorbent Powder
  • 20 x Hazchem Chemical Absorbent Mats (Pads)
  • 1 x pair Disposable Overalls
  • 1 x pair Elbow Length Acid Resistant Gloves
  • 1 x pair Safety Glasses
  • 4 x Anti-static Waste Disposal Bags with Ties
  • 1 x Spill Clean-up Instructions

50L Chemical Spill Kit Features:

  • Comes in a slimline handy carry bag for convenience
  • Carry bag is extremely durable, made from UV stable heavy-duty vinyl
  • Contains fast absorption products to clean up aggressive and non-aggressive chemical spills
  • Contains perimeter containment materials to control the spill from spreading
  • Features ChemSorb Absorbent – a lightweight, fast-acting absorbent particulate. Offers excellent absorption per density mass. Non-toxic, safe, inert.
  • Proudly Australian

Cleaning Up using Chemical Spill Kits

Cleaning up chemical spills is easy when you have the right Chemical Spill Kit. Ecospill 20L Chemical Spill Kits are ideal for instances where smaller quantities of chemical liquids are used or stored. They ideal for mobile operators, or technicians who repair and replace hydraulic fluids. Every truck driver should have a chemical or a general purpose spill kit.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with ANY spilled liquid is: safety first.  Firstly check the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of the liquid type that has been spilled. Put on the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is required when dealing with that liquid or chemical.  All Ecospill Chemical Spill Kits come complete with a step-by-step instruction card on how to clean up spills safely and efficiently.  The picture series below shows Ecospill Hazchem grade Absorbent Mats being used to clean up a chemical spill.

Chemical Spill Kits in Use Chemical Spill Kits in Use Chemical Spill Kits in Use Chemical Spill Kits in Use