Tuff Clean Industrial Wipes – Carton of 4 Rolls

Tuff Clean Industrial Wipes – Carton of 4 Rolls


$304.92 inc. GST

Detailed Description

Tuff Clean Industrial Wipes are a thick, durable absorbent wipe for industrial use. Offering twice the absorbency of industrial rags, Tuffclean wipes offer a cost-effective and fast solution to spills in the workplace.

Single-use industrial wipes have evolved significantly in recent years due to the desire for time-saving absorbency with the need to prevent cross-contamination. Featuring spuncore technology Tuff Clean Wipes are low-linting and extremely strong, so they won’t tear easily. Offering outstanding absorbency, you can be sure that any accidental spills are cleaned up quickly and completely. They are the ideal replacement for rags because they will absorb rather than smear spilled liquid. Perfect for use in all maintenance workshops, industrial facilities, manufacturing, mining environments, janitorial, service stations, repairers and more!

Tuff Clean Industrial Wipes – Features:

  • Absorbs fuels, oils, non-aggressive chemicals, general-purpose liquids
  • Low linting
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Large sheet 32cm x 41cm
  • 250 sheets per roll, and 4 rolls per carton
  • Super absorbent
  • Has a roll core for easy fitment to a dispenser.  Fits Ecospill 40cm Dispenser (Cat ID# DISP6)

Suitable Uses for Tuff Clean Industrial Wipes:

  • Absorbing fluids and oil
  • Cleaning machinery and tools
  • Hand cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Cleaning hydraulic hoses
  • Janitorial purposes
  • Catching drips
  • Any many more!