General Purpose Absorbent Rolls – Gray 80cm x 50m

General Purpose Absorbent Rolls – Gray 80cm x 50m

Spill Kit Consumables

$422.73 inc. GST

– For General Purpose liquid spills.
– Absorbent Mats in a 50m Roll.
– Perforated for easy tear off a sheet.

Detailed Description

Ecospill General Purpose Absorbent Rolls are a super fast absorbent for general-purpose liquid spills, including fuels, oils, coolant and agricultural chemicals. General Purpose Absorbent Rolls are coloured gray in line with the Ausspill Association guide for Australian spill kits.  They are suitable for most non-aggressive chemical spills.  They are made from 100% polypropylene which is sonically bonded for extra strength and reduced linting.  So you can be confident our in the durability of each mat/sheet on the roll.

Measuring 80 cm wide, each 50m roll is perforated every 50 centimetres, so you can tear off the size sheet that you need.  These can also be separated further in half to give a 40cm x 50cm sheet.  They will not leach or drip absorbed liquids.  Because of their non-leaching integrity, you can dispose of used mats/rolls to general waste in most regions.  The spent absorbents need to be sealed in waste bags of course.  However, we recommend you check with with your local authority first.

General Purpose Absorbent Rolls – Features:

  • 80cm wide roll x 50m long
  • Approx individual mat size: 80cm x 50cm
  • Gray in colour for general purpose or universal liquid spills
  • Fast absorption

What types of liquids will it absorb?

General-purpose liquids, sometimes called ‘universal liquids’ are those that commonly include hydrocarbons and non-aggressive chemicals.  As such, general-purpose liquids are fuels, petrol, oils, bodily fluids, agricultural chemicals, and non-aggressive chemicals such as coolant, degreaser and paint etc.