Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats – White

Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats – White

Spill Kits

$221.76 inc. GST

– For Fuel and Oil Spills.
– Floats on water and is ideal for Marine Applications.
– Will not leach or drip.
– Polypropylene, Sonically Bonded.
– Comes in a bale of 100 mats.

Detailed Description

Ecospill Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats are thick, polypropylene pads suitable for absorbing Fuel & Oil (Hydrocarbon) spills.  Sometimes absorbent mats are referred to as ‘pads’. They are white in colour, following the Australian Standard colour coding for fuel & oil absorbent materials.  Made from 100% polypropylene, our Absorbent Mats are suitable for use on land as well as in marine situations.  Polypropylene is hydrophobic and will not absorb water, so it will float indefinitely. Each Fuel and Oil Absorbent Mat is sonically bonded for extra strength and reduced linting. Will not leach or drip absorbed liquids.

Sold in bags of 100 (referred to as ‘bale’).

Can I use Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats in Marine Applications?

Yes you can. Ecospill Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats / Pads are perfect for use on fuel or oil spills on water. Simply deploy the mat and it will float indefinitely, without mildewing. It will not absorb water, so you can leave it in place and then replace once the mat is fully saturated.

Once used, can these Absorbment Mats be disposed of to landfill?

Yes, depending on your local government regulations. Most governing jurisdictions allow for up to 100L of spent absorbed material to be disposed of to landfill. Since Ecospill’s Fuel & Oil Absorbent Mats will not leach or drip absorbed liquids, they are able to be disposed of safely. But we recommend that you first check with your local authority as to their specific requirements.