Silt Curtain with 2m Skirt – 10m Section

Silt Curtain with 2m Skirt – 10m Section

Stormwater & Sediment Control

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Comes with 8mm Ballast Chain, ready to deploy
Float: 100mm diametre
Skirt: 2m drop
Length: 10m
Multiple lengths can be joined together to provide the length you require

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Detailed Description

Controlling sediment from construction sites, dredging, decanting and toxic algae is simplified by using an Ecospill Silt Curtain 2m Skirt (drop length). Made from tough Geofabric, with 100mm float and a 2m high skirt (or drop). Comes fitted with 8mm ballast chain, ready to deploy. Sold in 10m sections.

Ecospill Silt Curtain 2m Skirt Booms are ideal for many varied applications, including:

  • control of sediment and run off from construction sites
  • control of sediment from dredging operations and dredge deposition
  • mine tailing dams to reduce suspended solids
  • control of aquatic plants
  • controlling toxic algae