Silt Bags 1m Pack 50

Silt Bags 1m Pack 50

Stormwater & Sediment Control

$373.56 inc. GST

Drain Protection
Erosion and Sediment Control
290mm x 1m
Sold In Pack of 50 Silt Bags

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Detailed Description

Silt Bags 1m Pack 50 are an excellent drain protection barrier and water flow control product. Made from re-inforced mesh fabric, and fitted with lifting handles these Silt Bags are cost effective and easy to use. Simply fill with sand or gravel and deploy. Contains lifting handles for easy handling.

Silt Bags measure 290mm wide and 1m in length.  Sold in pack of 50 Silt Bags.

What Situations Should I Use Silt Bags in?

  • Erosion Control. When you need to stop banks collapsing, stacking silt bags helps to provide embankment support and helps to ‘shore up’ the land from collapsing.
  • Controlling Water Flow.  Silt Bags when placed help limit and control the flow of water.  You can stack Silt Bags and created a channel for water to flow in.  By controlling the water flow, you can divert water away from areas that need to be protected.
  • Sediment Reduction.  Silt Bags can be deployed to protect areas of loose sediment, or capture loose sediment when water is flowing.  Sediement is captured and snagged on the bag, instead of the ground surface further down.
  • Temporary Bund.  Using Silt Bags to anchor down a plastic bund can help protect from spillage or spills seeping.
  • Idea for construction, landscaping, road works and any situation that requires erosion support or control.

Other sedimental control products include: Silt Socks, Silt Fence.