Drum Seal 200G

Drum Seal 200G

Spill Kit Accessories

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– Fuel & Oil Absorbent Barrier Product
– Top Layer: UV Stabilised Needle Punch
– Middle Layer: High Strength Melt Blown
– Base Layer: Heavy Duty Plastic
– 1.5m x 30m roll

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Detailed Description

Drum Seal 200G is the convenient way to stop leaks in Drums, Tanks, Machinery and Pipes. It provides a temporary seal for cracks and small holes. It is quick and easy to use – simply clean the area around the leak and mould drum seal to block the hole or crack. The drum or container can then safely be used or transported to alternate containment area for permanent repair. Drum Seal is non toxic, inert and safe to use with a wide range of chemicals. It’s environmentally friendly too. This comes in a 200g tub, but we also have larger 500g tubs for larger repair jobs.

Drum Seal 200g Features:

  • Pre-mixed bentonite clay paste
  • Easy to use
  • Seals cracks and small holes in tanks and drums
  • Temporarily stops leaks
  • Non toxic and inert
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals

Need a larger Drum Seal tub?

No problem, we also have Drum Seal 500g Tub to handle larger drum repair jobs.