Portable Eye Wash Station – 55L

Portable Eye Wash Station – 55L

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Units

$634.79 inc. GST

– Portable Eye Wash Station
– Gravity Fed
– Self Draining design to reduce bacteria

Detailed Description

This Portable Eye Wash Station – 55L is a secure and cost-effective solution for an eyewash station where plumbed water is not available. You can have a peace of mind knowing that you’re providing your employees with the best initial first-aid treatment for chemical burns and injuries at any time.

This unit is a fully self-contained eyewash uniquely designed to provide a minimum of 15 minutes of gravity-fed continuous water flow. It has a wide fill opening with a threaded cap for easy inspection, cleaning and filling. When used in conjunction with an Eyewash Preservative, you can store potable water for up to four months (protecting against bacteria, fungus, algae, staph and acanthamoeba growth). We recommend Hydrosep Eyewash Preservative.


  • UV stabilised high density polyethylene
  • Yellow fold-down tray for easy identification
  • Portable with a 55L tank capacity
  • Dimensions: 370mm H x 555mmW x 255mm D
  • Gravity feed provides 15 minutes of continuous flow
  • Complies with AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1