Safety Shower and Eye/Face Wash Unit

Safety Shower and Eye/Face Wash Unit

Combination Shower Eye Wash Units

$2,019.60 inc. GST

Free-standing Eyewash and Facewash Unit
Hand and Foot Operated
Premium Stainless Steel

Detailed Description

For personal protection at its utmost, having a Safety Shower and Eye/Face Wash Unit provides three-fold protection from contaminants. The combination of a deluge shower plus eyewash and a facewash is the epitome standard for personal protection to quickly wash contaminants and irritants from the body, face and eyes. We stand behind our products and their quality.  A free-standing complete deluge shower plus eyewash, each unit is made from 316-grade stainless steel for superior durability and reliability. The safety shower provides continuous flushing fluid – literally a deluge – to quickly wash contaminants from the body.  Add to that the convenience of both hand and/or foot activation; you can know that safe relief is available quickly, no matter how compromised your visibility is. The ergo-flow design of the stainless steel bowl means that water self-drains as quickly as possible, further reducing the risk of bacteria.

Safety Shower / EyeWash Unit Features:

  • Deluge Shower to the body area
  • Provides continuous flushing fluid with overhead hand activation
  • Eyewash with Hand Push Lever as well as foot activation
  • Soft aerated flow
  • Auto-open dust covers
  • Ergo-flow Stainless Steel bowl
  • Self-draining
  • 316 Stainless steel construction
  • Highly visible yellow powder-coated push handle
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Fully complies with AS4775 and ANSI Z 358.1
  • Nata Approved
  • ISO Type 5 Certified AMI:74927
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When Seconds Really Count

Eye Wash Units exist for frontline safety. If an exposure incident occurs, you need to know that your Eyewash Pedestal Unit will deploy the very second you need it to. A delay of a matter of seconds can mean the difference between an irritation or a significant burn injury. And not just that, but that it will provide sufficient flushing fluid to remove irritants as per the manufacturer’s standard.  Every Eye Wash Hand/Foot-operated unit we sell complies with Australian Standards AS4775 and ANSI Z 358.1.