ChemSorb 20L Bag

ChemSorb 20L Bag

Spill Kit Consumables

$24.19 ex. GST

– For chemical spills.
– Also suitable for body fluid spills.
– Non toxic, inert.

Detailed Description

Ecospill’s ChemSorb 20L bagged absorbent¬†is a fine absorbent particulate suitable for absorbing chemical spills. Light in weight, it offers excellent absorption per density mass. Non toxic, Chemsorb is inert and safe to use. 20L Bag (other sizes also available).

Benefits of Using Chemsorb 20L Absorbent

Why use ChemSorb compared to other absorbents? ChemSorb is tried and proven: it performs time and time again. When you’re faced with a chemical spill, you don’t want to waste any time getting it cleaned up. You need an absorbent that is efficient in every way – easy to use, fast absorption and one that does the job well.

ChemSorb is not as powdery as some other absorbents. It is a made a blended zeolite and mineral base. So while it is light in weight, it is very dense and that density assists in outstanding absorbency. Once you use ChemSorb you’ll never look to another chemical absorbent powder again.