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An Offal Mess | Spill Kits Melbourne

Spill kits for Melbourne can be applied across a wide range of different substances, but some are far more common than others. Engine oils, for example, are highly common, given their ubiquitous use and commonality in workplaces. Others, like mercury, are less common. An even less common substance was spilled on Melbourne’s WestGate freeway, back in March.

Through unknown means, a truck, carrying a full load of offal, managed to dump a large amount of its cargo along the road. Offal is compiled of animal products, unused parts of slaughtered pigs and cows, which can include everything from the brain, to hearts, and livers – almost everything that isn’t actually consumed. This mess came to rest in the heart of the city, and shut down the highway for a number of hours.

It was postulated that the truck had braked, or been forced to brake, and the spill have overtopped the bin behind the cab. The mess had spilt over the front of the bin, meaning some of it had even entered in to the driver’s seat.

This Melbourne spill demanded a spill kit of a particular nature. Many of this variety will contain an antibacterial, to ensure that such a spill doesn’t inadvertently spread disease. It can also incorporate a masking agent, to keep the smell from becoming worse – as you can imagine, lying in the hot sun, offal did not smell like the roses.

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