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5 Spill Kit Accessories Your Business Can’t Do Without

Spill kits are essential for any workplace that uses or stores fuels, oils, non-aggressive liquids or chemicals. Having the correct spill kits on-site can ensure your environmental compliance and duty of care to your people.

Ecospill is a leading supplier of spill kits and environmental safety products. We supply a range of spill kit accessories that can enhance your spill kits and boost your spill response capacity. In this article, we discuss 5 spill kit accessories your business can’t do without. 


Material Safety Data Sheets form a key part of any workplace spill response plan. Important papers like these need to be readily accessible, whilst being securely stored away from moisture and dirt. The ideal way to keep these documents safe is in our range of MSDS storage options

In addition to the metal style Hazchem emergency information cabinets, we also stock a range of polyethylene MSDS storage boxes which make for the perfect spill kit accessory. They are available in a range of sizes and both the box and tube varieties.


This product makes easy work of stopping leaks in drums, tanks, machinery and pipes. Drum seal is a temporary solution to the sealing of cracks and small holes. The drum or container can then be safely transported to an alternate containment area for the permanent repairs to take place.

Drum seal is simple to use allowing you to stop leaks fast. All you need to do is clean the area around the leak and then mould the drum seal over the hole or crack. Our drum seal is available in 500g and 200g tubs. It is non-toxic, inert and safe to use with a wide range of chemicals. What’s more, it does not harm the environment!


At Ecospill we supply general-purpose absorbent mats that quickly absorb general purpose liquid spills. These can include fuels, oils, coolant and agricultural chemicals. 

Our absorbent mats are sonically bound for extra strength and reduced linting and don’t leach or drip. For your convenience, we also stock perforated general purpose absorbent rolls. These rolls allow you to tear off absorbent sheets in the size you need. 

Both products are colour-coded grey to comply with the Ausspill Association standard for Australian spill kits. Due to their non-leaching integrity, they can (in most regions) be disposed of in certain amounts as general waste, sealed in anti-static bags. It’s important to check with your local authority before disposal.


We can offer our customers a range of portable spill mats, providing an ideal solution for portable spill containment. It’s a far better option to contain toxic spills in a portable spill mat rather than having to clean them off the ground. This also means you spilt liquid is caught in the sump and available for your re-use. 

They have a unique design allowing them to fold up into compact sizes. This makes them the perfect spill kit accessory! Made from UV stable PVC or XR5 evaloy, these are portable spill mats you can rely on. 

Our portable spill mats come in a range of sizes and can also be made to measure. They have flexible sidewalls, are easy to clean and offer great chemical resistance.


Ecospill bin hoods provide the perfect weatherproof shield, keeping your absorbent products and other spill kit contents dry. These bin hoods come in safety yellow colour which also enhances bin security and avoids it being mistaken as a dustbin. 

They are made from UV stable polyvinyl and come in two sizes for mobile wheelie bins. 


Equipped with the right spill kits, spill kit accessories and spill kit training, you are in the best position to effectively respond to a spill. Not only does this minimise the risk of damage to people and the environment, but it also reduces your risk of downtime and lost productivity. 

At Ecospill, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. When purchasing spill kits from us, we not only provide onsite certified spill kit training. We also take care of the restocking of your spill kits on a customised schedule.

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