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Why You Need to Store Aerosol Cans Safely in The Workplace

Aerosol cans are a convenient way of storing and dispensing hazardous substances. So, they’re commonly used and stored in workplaces around Australia and the world. Aerosol cans, however, are a Class 2 on the Dangerous Goods list and can be hazardous to your workplace if stored improperly. 

In this article, we discuss why you need to store aerosol cans safely in the workplace and how Ecospill can assist you. 


Although aerosol cans aren’t often thought of as high-risk items, they are! Consequently, there are several reasons why your workplace should be equipped to store aerosol cans safely. Some of them include: 


When aerosol cans are stored incorrectly, they can pose risks with devastating outcomes for your workplace. These can include injury, business downtime, and also hefty fines, for example. 

It’s considered best practise to recognise the dangers associated with having aerosol cans on-site and ensure you can store them safely. This means having the safety cabinet/s necessary to store class 2 aerosol cans. 


As aerosol cans consist of compressed gasses, they can present many workplace risks. These risks are not limited to the contents of the can, but also the can itself. Aerosol cans can violently rupture and their contents can be extremely flammable. Because of this, exposure to heat or fire can result in a severe incident. 

If your business takes the safety of its people and the environment seriously, it’s important to store aerosol cans safely.


Does your workplace have spray glue, paint, or lacquers in aerosol cans sitting on open shelves or stored in cupboards? If so, there is a good chance that you are not meeting your WHS requirements. 

To ensure compliance with WHS and your environmental obligations, store aerosol cans safely in cabinets manufactured to Australian Standards. 


The hazards that aerosol cans present can be split into three categories. They’re worth understanding when considering your workplace’s need to store aerosol cans safely. Let’s take a look at what they are: 


It’s important to make sure that when training your staff on the chemicals they deal with on-site that you include the chemicals that are contained within aerosol cans. The fact that the chemical is stored within an aerosol can does not mitigate the risks of coming into contact with it.

Aerosols can rupture and spill contents that may be of a serious health and safety concern. 


Physiochemical hazards refer to explosions and fires as a result of a chemical reaction, for example. 

If an aerosol can gets punctured, it can become a hazardous projectile, causing destruction and injury in its path. Similarly, if an aerosol can is exposed to excessive heat, it can ignite and cause the can to explode which can cause serious burns and damage. Any damage and injury caused may be as a result of shrapnel from the aerosol can or the chemical contents within it.


A hazard of aerosol cans workplaces often overlook is the waste they produce. This waste is hazardous. Especially in cases of unusable cans due to spray defects or broken nozzles. The chemicals, whether in liquid or gas form, can still create fire or explosion. 

Used aerosol spray cans remain a risk to your staff and workplace. So, your risk management plan needs to include provisions for the safe storage and disposal of these Class 2 dangerous goods.


At Ecospill, we provide a safe, compliant and cost-effective solution for storing aerosols. Our range of DrumSmart aerosol can storage cabinets are built to Australian Standard AS4332-2004. So, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re buying a quality Australian product. 

These storage cabinets are perfect for onsite storage of class 2 aerosol cans. They can provide organised and identified aerosol cans in proximity to their points of use. Our range of aerosol can storage cabinets are lockable for extra security. They are available in 12 to 432 can capacity. 

Some of the features of our safety cabinets to store aerosol cans safely include but are not limited to: 

  • Fully welded 1.6mm thick heavy-duty steel construction
  • Electrostatic high gloss powder coat finish
  • Locking door
  • Complete with bolt down plates for extra security
  • Excellent ventilation
  • AS3833-2007 compliant
  • Full safety signage


As a leading Australian supplier of spill kits and safety products, the team at Ecospill are here to help you. From small workplaces to the mining and resource sector, we can provide advice, training and products to help you meet your WHS and environmental obligations. Contact our friendly team at Ecospill today to see how we can assist you.