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Spill Absorbents: Understanding The 5 Types

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – spills can happen in any industry or workplace that deals with oils, chemicals, and other substances. 

Spills bring to mind a whole level of headaches in the form of paperwork, insurance and bureaucracy, not to mention the cleanup process and environmental damage.

However, there are solutions. 

These are 5 of the best types of spill absorbent, so no matter your spill situation, you’ll have the option to cover all bases.

What Are Spill Absorbents?

There are hundreds of different spill absorbents that come in various forms. However, the sole purpose of each is to clean up spills as effectively as possible. This can be in the form of a granular product to soak up a substance or foam that achieves the same thing but can be washed and reused.

The 5 Types of Spill Absorbents

Bulk Sorbents

Our first spill absorbent is a granular product consisting of millions of tiny pieces that can be scattered over a spill to soak it up. You can use bulk sorbent materials to absorb a whole array of spill situations such as oil, petrol, diesel, cooking oil and paint. These bulk sorbent materials are excellent for smaller spills such as a warehouse floor or garage.

Rolls & Blankets

Rolls and blankets are some of the most effective absorbent products available. They can be rolled out to cover and soak up the liquid in large spill site areas. 

This sorbent is a solid option for all needs and is more sustainable. Unlike bulk sorbent materials, rolls and blankets can often be washed and reused — a winner for both you and the environment. These sorbents are particularly impressive because they can be used as a spill absorbent on land and water. 

Mops & Pompoms

Mops and pompoms are created by combining strands of bulk sorbent materials to create a mop-shaped product that you can use to soak up a spill. You can mop up the spill substance as you would cleaning any type of floor. 

Mops are great for small spaces such as workshops, kitchens, garages and even households. Mops and pom poms are also a fantastic versatile option as they come in many varieties regarding handles and their actual head construction. This means you can pick and choose a product to suit your situation.

Skimmer Booms & Pillows

You can use skimmer booms and pillows for various reasons, but most notably, they can be used for spills on water. 

While not technically used for soaking up a spill, booms can be placed around the edge of an oil spill to stop oil from spreading further and lessen the environmental impact. You can then use a different spill absorber within the containment area such as a roll or sweep. 


Sweeps are essentially large blankets that can cover and, to some extent, soak up a spill. Great for larger spills, sweeps are small enough that you can wash and reuse them again and again.  

Sweeps are great for water, particularly during the final clean up process. For example, after a large spill that’s already used booms and blankets.

If you want to check out the complete range of spill absorbent solutions, please check out our products page.

Advantages of Spill Sorbents


Spills have little to no positives, but at least – from a business perspective – the cleanup process can be affordable. 

Most of the products, especially those here at Ecospill, are extremely affordable and no matter what your situation, you’ll be covered with a solution that won’t break the bank.


Aside from the headache and problems it causes to you and your business, the potentially devastating environmental impact is one of the worst aspects of a spill.

Thankfully, many products are environmentally friendly. This is particularly true for products that can be washed and reused, such as rolls and sweeps.

Types of Spills 

There’s a product for every type of spill. Meaning you don’t have to simply make do with what’s there anymore. Whether you’ve got a small oil leak or a large industrial spill, just head to Ecospill and choose which product suits you best. Whatever your needs and your spill situation, there’s a spill absorbent out there for you. Simply pick and choose one that suits your needs and solves your problem as effectively and affordably as possible.  

If you have any questions or require professional help regarding spills and absorbents, please reach out to us today.