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How to Use your Spill Kit: Breaking Down Spill Kit Training

At EcoSpill, we provide premium spill kits to clients across Australia, and have done so for many years. But this time and experience has taught us that no matter the quality of the kit itself, it is only as good as the people deploying it.

That is why we have long provided training methods and videos, on the proper methods of deploying our equipment. We want to ensure that every member of your staff is capable of containing a spill, and proper education and experience are the best methods of making this a reality.

So what are the fundamentals?


If the spill kits aren’t located in a high-traffic area, one that is close to the most likely scenes of spillage, the delay in deployment can have dire consequences. This is important, as more watery liquids can quickly run off in to drains or gutters. Speed is essential, so ensure that your kit is placed properly, and this location is known to everyone.


Next, you’ll need to ensure that your staff is well-versed on how to deploy your spill kit. Reading the instructions, and examining the contents of your spill kit, is a good step. Actually having them tackle a live spill, in one of our EcoSpill courses, is a better one.


Our spill kits include instruction on their usage, but it is far better to know these basic instructions prior to needing them. Specific deployment methods, in regards to encircling the spill, absorbing it, and most importantly, protecting yourself, are specific to the substance your kit is intended to tackle, and spill kit training from EcoSpill will help to crystallise your deployment.

How to use your spill kit properly, when called upon, is vital knowledge for all your employees. At EcoSpill, we can help to ensure they are properly trained. Contact us today to find out more.