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General Purpose Spill Kits and the Modern Work Place

The modern firm has to focus on more than just their product. In the era of online reviews and rapid-fire news feeds, you must be aware of your impact upon both your clients, and your local environment. Not only can spills and carelessness net you a hefty fine from the local government, but it can hurt your bottom line.

The majority of consumers are heavily reliant upon online reviews to gauge their options when shopping. This means they are surfing sites such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook, to determine if anyone has had some exceedingly poor (or positive) experiences with a firm. A bad review can deter even the most committed shopper.

This is why a general purpose spill kit, on your work site, can provide more benefit than just cleaning up spilt liquids. They serve as a reminder, and an assurance, of your good policy towards the environment They can remind those clients visiting you that you are prepared to deal with any eventuality. Even if it never gets any use, it demonstrates your commitment.

A general purpose spill kit can be employed for nearly any spill that you come across. It is specifically formulated to be as broad-reaching as possible, covering everything from cooking grease and oil, to fuels and hydrocarbons, to cleaning soaps and detergents. It can be put to use across the board, regardless of the type of work you perform on site.

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