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5 Reasons Why Flammable Safety Cabinets Are Essential for Your Workplace

Flammable safety storage cabinets are an essential safety feature in workplaces where employees need to store and handle volatile chemicals. These chemicals are even more dangerous than other chemicals typically used in industry and research because of the risk that they can ignite and cause a fire. Any time that flammable chemicals are not in use, it is vital that you store them so that they pose no risk to workers or your company property. Here are a few key reasons you should invest in flammable safety storage cabinets for your workplace.

5 Reasons Why Flammable Safety Cabinets Are Essential for Your Workplace

1. Reduce the risk of leakage

When chemicals leak from their packaging, they can cause damage to people, items or structures in your workplace. Some substances can also cause injury to employees or lead to skin, eye, or airway irritation. Flammable chemical leaks are even more devastating, as they can pose a risk of fire, which could have dire consequences for your workplace. Flammable safety storage cabinets are secure against leaks. If a chemical leaks from its packaging, the liquid collects in a sump at the bottom of the cabinet. This sump collects anything that drips so that the fluids are easy to dispose of. You should designate an employee to check the sump regularly for signs of leaks and clear it out. During this check, the employee must wear safety equipment to protect their skin, eyes, and airways from the leaked chemicals.

2. Protection for you and your employees

The highest priority for any workplace should be to keep everyone who works there safe. Flammable safety storage cabinets reduce the risk of fire, keep everyone safe from leaks, and help to prevent accidents. There are many ways flammable chemicals can pose a danger to people in the nearby environment. Keeping them in a secure and fireproof cabinet is the best way to protect yourself and your employees from various risks.

One particular risk when storing flammable liquids is that a relatively minor fire that starts somewhere in the building can turn into an out-of-control conflagration if it reaches flammable liquids. Storing these liquids in a flammable safety storage cabinet buys you and your employees much more time to safely evacuate a building, as it can significantly delay the time it takes for flammable liquids to ignite.

3. Staying in the good graces of the authorities

Safe Work Australia recommends storing chemicals away from workers, personal belongings, vehicles, and busy thoroughfares. They also advise keeping flammable chemicals away from ignition sources, such as pilot lights, sparking electrical systems, or hot working environments. A flammable safety storage cabinet is the ideal place for storing flammable liquids, as it keeps all of these hazards well away from the chemicals.

Part of being a good employer involves making worker safety a priority. If you don’t follow this direction for the storage of hazardous and flammable chemicals, you could break Work Health and Safety Laws, which require employers to take reasonable precautions to keep their workers safe. If you fail to live up to this expectation, your company could face fines and a serious loss of reputation.

4. Keeping flammable liquids secure

Flammable safety storage cabinets keep flammable liquids secure. No matter what happens in your workplace. Whether by fire, power outage, flood, storm, or other natural disasters, your flammable liquids will be safer if they are inside a secure cabinet. Keeping flammable materials secure ensures the long-term safety of your business, no matter what circumstances arise.

Using a flammable safety storage cabinet is also a great way to keep your flammable materials organised. There is little risk of chemicals becoming lost or muddled if they’re kept in a locked cabinet with only those who require access able to reach them.

5. Prevent unauthorised access

In addition to keeping flammable liquids away from possible ignition sources, it is also essential to prevent unauthorised access. If thieves break into your workplace, they could steal volatile chemicals or even use them to start a fire in your building, leading to devastating financial costs for your business. It is also essential to prevent employees from accessing additional chemicals than they need to carry out their work. There is always the risk that an employee might act maliciously, using your business’s substances to carry out an arson attack. A more common scenario is that employees are simply careless and cause accidents when handling dangerous chemicals. These undesirable outcomes can be easily prevented by storing flammable chemicals in flammable safety storage cabinets.

An Essential Device

Flammable safety storage cabinets are essential in any workplace where flammable chemicals are present. They are crucial for keeping your workers safe, protecting your property, and preventing your business from being affected by regulation breaches or loss of reputation.

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