Spill Kits Sydney

Spill Control, Containments & Absorbents

Australia’s largest city features enormous variety in its industrial and commercial ventures, and as such, requires a comparable variety in its spill kits. Each workplace has a duty of care to protect their employees and the environment nearby, and to accomplish this in the event of a spill, a relevant spill kit is absolutely necessary.

At Ecospill, we provide Sydney with spill kits that cover every conceivable mess, including:

We provide a top-quality product in a format that is ready to be deployed at any time, and best of all, we take the responsibility for keeping your spill kit up-to-date off your hands. When your spill kit has reached the end of its useful life, we will visit you and replace it. We keep your firm in compliance with local NSW regulatory guidelines, and help to lessen the odds of a stiff fine from the EPA.

At Ecospill, we ensure that your spill containment capability is operating at its highest capacity, to keep your workplace and our land and water clean for future generations. Contact us today for more information.

Sydney is the largest urban centre in Australia, playing host to nearly five million residents among its numerous suburbs. It is known for the iconic bays and inlets of the harbour, and for the shape of the massive Harbour Bridge, constructed in the 1930s, and until 2012, the world’s widest long-span bridge.