What is the best absorbent for oil and fuel spills? It’s EcoSweep!

See for yourself why EcoSweep is the best absorbent for oil and fuel spills. This video compares EcoSweep against the two most commonly used absorbents available: kitty litter and zeolite. Watch for yourself how using an inferior absorbent will cost you dearly in the long run: because you’ll have to repeatedly try and clean up a spill. Whereas EcoSweep absorbent uses HALF the amount of product, and cleans up the spill leaving the floor clean, DRY and slip-free!

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What makes EcoSweep the best?

EcoSweep is made from Australian grown organic cellulose products. While many other absorbents are natural products or minerals, few can claim to clean up as effectively as EcoSweep. This is because EcoSweep is made of fine particles that are hollow in nature. The fine particles act to quickly encapsulate the liquid being absorbed, consuming it so that it cannot leach or drip. This is why EcoSweep leaves the floor surface clean and dry, as opposed to the other absorbents compared in the video. It is the non-leaching nature of EcoSweep that allows for the absorbed material to be disposed of safely to landfill. Although we recommend that you check first with your local authority for confirmation.