Re-stock Pack – 100L Chemical Spill Kit

Following a spill incident, it is important restock your Spill Kit so that the Spill Kit remains at its maximum spill response capacity. That way you won't be caught short in the event of another spill. This Ecospill Restock Kit contains all the consumable items necessary to restock your 100L Chemical Spill Kit.

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Detailed Description

EPA Compliance regulates that all spill kits be maintained and re-stocked to their maximum spill response capacity. This is certainly true of chemical spill kits because of the dangers of not being able to respond to a spill incident. This Ecospill Re-stock Pack 100L Chemical Spill Kit contains all the consumable items required to re-fill a 100L Chemical Spill Kit. It contains all materials required to absorb these spills, including a boom for perimeter containment, hazchem absorbent mats, and ChemSorb particulate. Including suitable personal protective equipment, this Kit is clearly labeled, and contains spill cleanup instructions.

The main absorbent powder is ChemSorb (TM). ChemSorb particulate is a lightweight, fast acting absorbent particulate, offering excellent absorption per density mass. It is non-toxic, inert and safe to use.


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