Re-stock Pack – 20L Chemical Spill Kit

Re-stock Pack – 20L Chemical Spill Kit

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The easiest way to keep your Spill Kit up to date and re-stocked to its full spill response capacity. A must for EPA compliance. Full Re-Stock Pack for 20L Hazchem Chemical Spill Kit.

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Detailed Description

EPA Compliance regulates that Spill Kits must be restocked regularly to their maximum intended spill response capacity.    So this Ecospill Re-stock Pack 20L Chemical Spill Kit is the easiest and most convenient way to ensure your chemical spill kits are ready for a spill incident.  It is a full re-fill of all the consumable contents of a 20L Chemical Spill Kit, excluding the bag. It contains all materials required to absorb chemical spills, including a boom for perimeter containment, hazchem absorbent mats, and Chemsorb particulate.  Including personal protective equipment,each Ecospill Kit is clearly labeled, and contains spill clean up instructions.  Re-stock pack only, no carry bag included.

The main absorbent powder is ChemSorb (TM). ChemSorb particulate is a lightweight, fast acting absorbent particulate, offering excellent absorption per density mass. It is non-toxic, inert and safe to use.

Re-stock Pack 20L Chemical Spill Kit allows you to re-fill your spill kit ready for use, all with just the click of a button. Simple, easy and cost effective. If you are needing a full spill kit, with the bag, then click 20L Chemical Spill Kit.

Cleaning Up using Chemical Spill Kits

Cleaning up chemical spills is easy when you have the right Chemical Spill Kit. Ecospill 20L Chemical Spill Kits are ideal for instances where smaller quantities of chemical liquids are used or stored. They ideal for mobile operators, or technicians who repair and replace hydraulic fluids. Every truck driver should have a chemical or a general purpose spill kit.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with ANY spilled liquid is: safety first.  Firstly check the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) of the liquid type that has been spilled.  Put on the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is required when dealing with that liquid or chemical.  All Ecospill Chemical Spill Kits come complete with a step-by-step instruction card on how to clean up spills safely and efficiently.  The picture series below shows Ecospill Hazchem grade Absorbent Mats being used to clean up a chemical spill.

Chemical Spill Kits in Use Chemical Spill Kits in Use Chemical Spill Kits in Use Chemical Spill Kits in Use