120L Chemical Spill Kits

120L Chemical Spill Kits

Spill Kits

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Suitable for hazardous chemical spills. Comes in a 120L Blue wheelie bin. Ideal for all small to medium industrial workshops, paint suppliers, panel shops.

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Detailed Description

Suitable for hazardous chemical spills, Ecospill 120L Chemical Spill Kits are housed in a 120L Blue wheelie spill bin, making it easy to station and manoeuvre the kit as desired. The spill kit contains all items required to deal with a chemical spill, including the following:

  • ChemSorb Absorbent;
  • Hazchem grade Absorbent Mats;
  • 3m Hazchem grade Land Socks (for perimeter containment);
  • 1.5m Hazchem grade Land Socks;
  • Disposable Overalls;
  • Safety Eye Glasses;
  • Elbow length Acid Resistant Gloves;
  • Anti-static Waste Disposal Bags; and
  • Step-By-Step Spill Response Instructions.

The main absorbent powder is ChemSorb (TM). ChemSorb particulate is a lightweight, fast acting absorbent particulate, offering excellent absorption per density mass. It is non-toxic, inert and safe to use.

Spill Kit Servicing
To ensure your 120L Chemical Spill Kits are maintained to their maximum spill response capacity, Ecospill offers an onsite Spill Kit Servicing program.  For SE QLD and PERTH Metro customers, our Kit Service Technicians will call onsite to service, check and restock each Spill Kit.  Ecospill does this on either a quarterly or monthly basis, according to your needs.  Each service call is recorded  on the Maintenance Inspection Tag on the Kit.

For regional customers outside those areas we offer a scheduled email/fax service, to ensure your spill kits are maintained and serviced on time.

Of course, you can call Ecospill on 1300 736 116 at any time to have a Kit serviced, following an incident. You can also order re-stocking items and accessories online at www.ecospill.com.au.

New Australian Industry Standard Colour Coding
In 2013 the AusSpill Association was formed in order to bring uniformity to Australian Spill Industry, and to develop a national set of standards for Spill Kits and associated products. As one of the founding members of the AusSpill Association, Ecospill has been part the development of the national colour coding for Australian Spill Kits. Similar to the standards applied to fire extinguishers, Spill Kits now feature distinct colour coding in order to uniformly identify their purpose and the types of spills each kit will absorb.

  • Fuel and Oil Spill Kits: Lime Green Bin with a White Lid. Transport kits will feature a Lime Green Bag with a White Top & White Straps
  • General Purpose Spill Kits : Lime Green Bin with a Gray Lid. Transport kits will feature a Lime Green Bag with a Gray Top & Gray Straps
  • Chemical Hazchem Spill Kits: Lime Green Bin with a Yellow Lid. Transport kits will feature a Lime Green Bag with a Yellow Top & Yellow Straps

As well as the new colour standard, other features such as minimum font sizes and uniform description wording all help to ensure that the Spill Kit and it’s liquid purpose are visible from 10 metres away. Ecospill is pleased to offer 120L Chemical Spill Kits and all our spill kit range in accordance with the new national standards. If you have an existing spill kits that are not to the national standard, we offer a bin upgrade program at a very cost effective rate. Please call us on 1300 736 116 to upgrade your bin.

If you already have existing Spill Kits, Ecospill is pleased to offer this same service on a regular schedule, should you wish to have Ecospill as your preferred supplier.