Heavy Duty Truck Wash – 200L

Heavy Duty Truck Wash – 200L

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– Concentrated fast acting truck wash.
– Cuts through road grime and diesel fumes with ease.
– Suitable for all paint types. 200 Litres.

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Detailed Description

Ecospill’s Heavy Duty Truck Wash 200L Bulk Drum is a concentrated fast acting truck wash that is safe on all paint types. With it’s high foaming action and light degreasing capabilities, it cuts through road grime with ease.

Environmentally friendly.

Heavy Duty Truck Cleaner can be used neat or diluted up to 1.5 depending on the degree of soiling. All to load for 5 minutes before hosing off with good water pressure.

Perfect for all heavy machinery, trucks, buses, waste collection vehicles and a wide variety of applications. Size: 200 Litres.

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