Heavy Duty Degreaser – 20L

Heavy Duty Degreaser – 20L

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– Heavy Duty DeGreaser designed for both industrial and commercial applications.
– Specialty formula easily removes grease, oils and dirt from all types of machinery, vehicles and most surfaces.
– Powerful, fast acting. 20L size.

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Detailed Description

Ecospill’s Heavy Duty Degreaser cleans painted surfaces, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, or porcelain with ease. Specially formulated for the removal of grease, oils and dirt from all types of heavy machinery, vehicles, concrete floors benches and equipment, it is ideal for use in multiple applications, industrial and commercial.

It can also be used on counter tops, walls and floors in commercial cleaning and has no effect on plastic or rubber trims in automotive, marine or household appliances and fixtures. It is suitable on most types of metals and painted surfaces, yet due to it’s powerful nature it should be spot tested first if going to be used undiluted. If undiluted, Heavy Duty Degreaser may etch some aluminium surfaces or soft paints.

Heavy Duty Degreaser has a pleasant citrus perfume. Size: 20 Litres.


  1. Pre clean any excess oil spills with appropriate rags, booms or absorbent material.
  2. Dilute Heavy Duty Degreaser in hot or cold water and apply to the surface by swab, spray, mop, scouring brush or high pressure hot or cold water blasters.
  3. For tough jobs use undiluted. (Pre test on an inconspicuous area)
  4. Allow 5 to 20 minutes contact time depending on soiling, and dilution rate.
  5. Pick up slurry and / or rinse well with water. Rubber gloves should be worn to avoid drying of hands.

Dilution Rates:

  • For light to medium cleaning dilute at 10:1 / 15:1 or greater.
  • For heavy duty cleaning use neat as received or at concentration of 5:1.

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