How To Choose The Right Spill Kits

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Do I really need a Spill Kit?
Nearly every industrial workshop will inevitably encounter leaks and spills of some kind. It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small; if you use or store fuels, oils, chemicals, hydraulic fluids, batteries, solvents and other similar liquids, you will require a Spill Kit to help prevent spills polluting waterways and land that leads to waterways. The EPA uniformly “imposes a general environmental duty on all persons undertaking an activity that may pollute, requiring them to take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise any resulting environmental harm.” (Environment Protection Act 1994, section 25)

How to choose the right Spill Kits
While the prospect of choosing a Spill Kit might seem a daunting one, this is usually because of the myriad of choices. However, choosing the right Spill Kit essentially comes down to three (3) key factors to consider: the type of liquid to absorb, largest ‘likely’ spill; and portability. Ask yourself:

  1. What type of liquid(s) do I need to absorb?
    Knowing the type of liquids used in your facility will help you to correctly select the right kit. Each Kit has Absorbent Powder, Mats & Socks that are specific to the type of liquid you need to absorb. Essentially, there are three types of liquids you may need to absorb: Hydrocarbons (fuels, oils); Non-aggressive Chemicals (Coolants, Agricultural Chemicals) and Aggressive Chemicals.How to Choose the Right Spill Kit - Based on Liquid Types
  2. What’s the largest capacity I need to absorb?
    A good way is to determine the largest ‘likely’ spill from your largest liquid container or holding tank. Eg: if most of your liquids are stored in drums, then the largest likely spill would be 205L or the size of the drum.
  3. How portable/transportable do I need the Spill Kit to be?
    In the workshop or factory, it is ideal to have a spill kit within close proximity of spill prone areas. Our wheelie bin spill kits are a good option as they can be easily manoeuvred around the workshop floor. If you need a spill kit in a confined space, like the cab of a crane or truck, a transport spill kit in a handy carry bag is the best choice. If you need a larger spill kit that can still be carried to the site of the spill, then our ‘weatherproof’ carry bag spill kits are ideal. Whatever your need, we have spill kits to suit most applications.

Still unsure? Try our Quick Selection Guide

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