Emergency Shower Testing Services


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Emergency Shower Testing Services

Important Information for your Emergency showers and eye washes

Did you know that more often than not Emergency Showers and Eye Washes within the work place may not compliant with the Australian Standard. Our service technicians see many showers and eye wash stations left for long periods of time that have become unusable and unsafe.

What is the Australian Standard? Below we have put together the key things needed in order for your Emergency Shower and Eye Wash stations to be compliant.




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1. Position
According to the Australian Standard, each eye wash and shower should be positioned in accessible locations. These locations should take no more than 10 seconds to reach.
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3. Pattern
For compliance, both showers and eye washes have a detailed water/ spray pattern. The minimum measurements must be met in order to be compliant. 


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2. Pressure
When activated, there is a minimum water flow velocity that both eye wash and showers need to meet. This velocity is enough to dispense the correct amount of water without causing harm.
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4. Inspection
That’s right, the Australian Standard states that all shower and eye wash stations must be professionally inspected annually and permanently tagged to ensure conformance with the requirements. 



Doing our part – Shower and Eye Wash Servicing

At Ecospill we believe in safety first, especially when it comes to potentially life saving equipment like the shower and eye wash station. To ensure that your stations are working correctly and are compliant, Ecospill offers testing, servicing, and purchasing of Emergency Showers and Eye Washes. If you are unsure if yours are compliant or simply want to check your stations, call us and book a service today!

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At Ecospill we believe in safety first